Active and Passive voice:

A active voice is when a subject is before a verb:

   “Alex ate food.”

A Passive voice is when the verb is before the subject:

   “The food was eaten by Alex.”

Always try and use the Active voice!

Punctuating dialogue

Quotation marks: Quotation marks need to be around what is said (as well as the punctuation such as !?).

“Alex is awesome,” said the Queen of Awesomeness.

 “So true!” said everyone in the entire universe.

Interrupted speech:  This is hard to explain so I will only give an example.

 “And the new queen of Awesome-topia goes to,”  Ellen Degeneres paused as the drumbeat rolled,  “Alexandra Swanson Bell!

 Having a space for each dialogue:  You can see who is talking by where the parentheses are and what was stated in the last couple of sentences.

“May just say Alex it is amazing to meet you!”

“Oh my gosh Ellen this is like my dream right here thank you!”

“Can I have a selfie with you!”

” No can I have a selfie with you! Yeah sure!”

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