Act 1

Sc1: The 3 witches talk about when they will meet again to make their predictions and their encounter with Macbeth.

Sc2: King Duncan has been told that Macbeth had fought well and has won.

Sc3: The witches meet with Macbeth and they alert him that he is now the Thane of Cawdor.

Sc4: Thrane of Cawador (Macbeth) realizes that he is a lower ranking to the prince of cumberland.

Sc5: Lady Macbeth has just received news that there has been a prophecy and it has become true. She wants him to become king to do this she needs to kill duncan and her husband is too kind to do so. but Macbeth does not want her to kill him.

Sc6: Duncan Arrives. casel mirrors their owners. Lady. M welcomes them.


Act 2

Soliloquy: Sharing your own thoughts aloud (in a theatre)

Act 1, Scene 1: 3 witches met on a heath and prophesised about when they were going to meet again and plan encounter with Macbeth. Thunder and lightening was striking at the time.

Act 1, Scene 2: King Duncan rewards Macbeth with the title of Thane of Cawdor because of his courage in the battle.

Act 1, Scene 3: Macbeth and Banquo see the witches on the heath and the witches told them that Macbeth will be king some day, and that Banquo won’t be king himself, but his children will. Macbeth ends the scene by talking to the camera himself.

Act 1, Scene 4: Macbeth learns that King Duncan’s son, Malcolm (Prince of Cumberland), is the next in line for King, instead of Macbeth himself. He thinks he has to do something about this due to the prophecy.

Act 1, Scene 5: Lady Macbeth gets a letter from Macbeth and gets excited at the thought of her being queen. She plans on killing King Duncan when he visits.

Act 1, Scene 6: King Duncan arrives at the castle, and praises Macbeth yet again. They talk about the beauty of the house- but it is actually rotting on the inside, much like the owners of it.

Act 1, Scene 7: Macbeth contemplates whether or not to kill King Duncan, and decides not to. However, even though he is reluctant,  Lady Macbeth changes his mind. They plan to kill him in his sleep, by making the guards too drunk to notice.

Act 2, Scene 1: Macbeth starts to feel guilty for his plans to kill King Duncan. Then, he has a dream of a dagger that is calling out to him- probably because his mind is filling with evil

Act 2, Scene 2: Macbeth kills King Duncan and his guards, while Lady Macbeth puts the daggers and wipe blood on the guard’s hands to frame them. Macbeth is very depressed about killing them.

Act 2, Scene 3: Duncan’s sons, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Poerters, Macduff, and more people came do Macbeth’s house to find Duncan and the guards dead. After learning that they may become a target, Donolbain ran away to Ireland, and Malcolm went to England.

Act 2, Scene 4: Ross tells Macduff that since Duncan’s children fled, they must be guilty, or in suspicioun of being guilty. So, Macbeth is next in line to become the King of Scotland.

Act 2, Scene 5: Macbeth has a suspicioun that Banquo might know about how he killed Duncan (because of the 3 witches), and because Banquo’s son could be King eventually. So while Banquo and his son are out riding, he plans to send someone to kill them both.

Act 3

Act 2, Scene 1: Lady Macbeth is becoming guilty of the bad deeds they have done, and doesn’t find being Queen as great as she would’ve thought. When she tries to tell this to Macbeth, he says that everything is fine, and that he will kill Banquo and his son, but doesn’t give too much details. He tells her to hide her face from showing what she is feeling on the inside.

Act 2, Scene 2: One more men is sent with the other two to kill Banquo and his son (Fleance). When they successfully kill Banquo, Fleance manages to escape, the men filling only half of their task. The new man killed the other two that Macbeth sent, leaving only one (in case the other two told someone about Macbeth’s murders.

Sc3: The two guards suspect macbeth and also discuss how macduff is gathering a army and tell macbeth about macduff and macbeth says he is going to go there and kill everyone in sight.

Act 4


Sc2: The guards that macbeth sends kill macduff’s wife and boy. Also while claiming that the father is a traitor.

Sc3: Mucduff leaves his family. Malcome tests his faithfulness and lovingness towards Scotland and then he receives news of his wife and children and vows revenge.

Act 5

Sc1: Lady M starts to sleepwalk a doctor is sent to help her one night she reanacts what happen when duncan was killed and mean while confessing to all the murders. The doctor hears this thinks she is going mad and he better not say anything to protect his life.

Sc2: Scottish rebels what for the english army and hears that macbeth is plotting is defence

Sc3: Macbeth is over-confedent and then the doctor leaves after telling macbeth that his wife cannot be cured

Sc4: The approching army comes and takes the trees (to camaflas) threfore refering to one of the three withces warnings

Sc5: Macbeth hears the news that Lady M has killed herself from guilt and the trees are aproching Macbeth vows to die in battle

Sc6: Malcom and mucduff thow down their screens and march on to attack

Sc7: killed a young soldiger called sea-woor

Sc8: Macduff revels that he is born of a sea section after macbeth boats that he is unstoppable  and malcome is claimed king


Frame Analysis

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