Tuff Times

I don’t think that the socs and the greasers are that different because
– they both see the differences in each other (money vs feelings)
– Each side is jelouse of the other
– People from each side drink, smoke, attack,

one connection between the Dally and the guy in the blue mustang is that they both hurt people from each other sides.


Jonny killed bob to help ponyboy

I think that insted of runnning away they could have just burned the body got rid of the ashes then washed away the blood (people will think the blood is from a fight) as for the witnesses they were so drunk that they probably thought they were hallucinating.

Iit is just his way of saying nothing good lasts

I think jonny has experience beacuse he was so calm being around dally


Cherry the soc is witty-er and makes sarcastic remarks therefore she caress about her reputation and acts like she doesn’t have feelings much like how she described the socs. Cherry the dreamer is very deep and understands that the greasers are the same as the socs (“I could love dallas”).

I think Jonny and Ponyboy are hero’s beacuse they saved the kids and they were only defending themselves when Jonny murderd bob but dally only came in to save Jonny and Jonny is the only one that he cares about so…

We knw that Darry cares  about Ponyboy because he was very sorry and he really didn’t mean to hurt Ponyboy and he was just worried that he was going to loose him.


1.When Cherry says “I could love dallas” I think she means that she could fall in love with a greaser. pg 46

2. I think that when he relized that Cherry had green eyes he realized

– socs and greasers were the same

– that green eyes are beutuful



the test taking portion was not very good I did not get the grades that I wanted But I am glad that I got some new test taking strategies and note taking strategies.
I was extremely happy with my PSA video I thought that I could show how devastating it is for people who are gay and have been misunderstood and have been treated wrong.
If I could re-do the Civics unit I would have used my new study strategies in the begging.

Study strategies that worked:
– colourful notes
– crossing out options in multiple choice

Study strategies that worked:
– taking notes on computer

I will use:
– coloured notes
– key notes
– 5 day study plan