Alex SB Unit 1

3. My badge that I had gotten was the Wolf Clan Badge. “You accomplished something strong but you have a long way yet to go. If you’re in this category then
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.39.35 AM
I hope you know what you can improve. Contact me if you want some help with strategies to improve.” I think that is most like my learning and I hope to improve it.

4. The stratagy that did not work for me was the flash cards I think the flash cards didn’t help because they where difficult to organize.

5. But I think that the next uint I will make a keynote because in 6th grade that stratigy worked for me in SS.




Hong Kong protests.

I think that it is unfair for the people of Hong Kong (us) to vote for someone the Chinese government choose for us. I we do end up voting for the restricted people to lead us then it will not be a democracy. If the protesters have their way  then the people of hong Kong get a leader that will “defentiVGTsV_3sTY4 the interests of Hong Kong and would also be able to work with Beijing”. I agree with the quote for the BBC news article Hong Kong Protests: Did china go back on it’s promise because this shows the main goal of what I personally think this what the goal is of the Hong Kong protesters to have a say on how they (we) want to be lead.