I2P Scratch Intro



Explore and investigate: “What is SCRATCH?”

Scratch is a website where you can program sprites to do certain things. It is a simplified version of coding.


What could you create with Scratch programming?

You could create a fox that walks around and says “racks in the bank”

Create a short game of your choice (or pong), using sprites and key press actions.

We already did. Don’t worry about it.

Add a video / screenshot of your scratch program

Makey Makey:

Explore & Investigate: “What is a Makey Makey?”

Create a musical project demonstrating the use of a makey makey with scratch

Create a short video demonstrating your creation

Which programs can you use to program a Makey Makey?

3x Web References you have used

Suggest other fun projects you could create with Makey Makey.

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