I2P Balance Board Game Summative



Pseudo Code:

Reflection Questions:

What worked?

We were able to easily make the prototype with makey makey and coins since in the previous lesson we got a good grasp of how it worked.

What didn’t work so well?

We weren’t sure how to code in scratch to use our prototype.

Things to find out for next class?

How to make a timer in scratch that starts and stops when certain keys are pressed.

What would you like to appear on the screen?

We would like a leaderboard to appear on the screen and we would like a sprite to speak when certain things are said.

Time in (HH:MM:SS)?

Our time will be recorded in seconds.

Does the time count up or down?

The time counts up.

Can the user input their name?


How does the timer stop and record each users time?

The timer will stop when any key is pressed which signals the board touching the ground.

How can you record the users time to a text file?

I do not know how to use a text file.


Whenever the aluminum ends of the balance board touched the coins, the w or s buttons would be clicked on the Makey Makey. For our code, the timer will only time while the s and w keys are not being pressed.

Code in Scratch:

Video in Scratch:

Code in Python:

Video in Python:

Testing Document for Scratch and Python:






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