Design Thinking Final Project

At HKIS, students are late for a variety of different reasons, and when they arrive late, they are told to go to the attendance office to collect a late slip. Unfortunately, walking to the attendance office takes time, the late slips are written manually, and often there is a line to collect them. Because of these factors, students who are not on time are forced to become even more late, and miss out on minutes of valuable learning.



Summary of Results:

From the results in the questionnaire, it is obvious to see that being late is an issue for many students, but more importantly, students overwhelmingly do not have a positive view of the late slip system, and would like to have an app that could make the late slip process more efficient.

Design Thinking Statement:

HKIS students need a way to more efficiently collect late slips, because the current method is inefficient, which wastes valuable class time.

List of Equipment Required for the Project:

  • The names, student numbers, and emails of HKIS students
  • The class schedules of HKIS students
  • The required details students fill in to receive a late slip
  • The format of an actual slip

Image of Late Slip Sign In/Out Sheet:

Image of a Late Slip:

Flow Chart:


Image of Final Code:


Testing Document:



I2P Lesson 1

Today in class we introduced ourselves and told the class why we chose to take this course. After that we had a quick discussion about different programming languages and what they are best used for. Once we had finished talking, we decided to go up to the island and ‘program’ instructions for one another so that we could walk to Starbucks from the island blindfolded. Finally, we went back to the classroom and wrote very basic instructions in programming format for how our robot would get to the island.

Overall, I am very lost in the class and I’m beginning to question why I signed up. Hopefully I can pick up the concepts taught in class quickly and get an A in the class.