I love science!


Science PBL project


1. My team are going to build a wind powered phone charger.

2.We have decided to choose this as it seems to be an object that is not too overly complicated but still shows a good representation of the energy transfers.

3. We are not completely sure but we know that we will need a motor, an adaptor, a fan blade, and maybe a car cigarette adaptor.

One thought on “I love science!

  1. Ken R says:

    Hello Philip,

    Remember my caution on charging your cell phone with a wind powered charger.

    Here are the second blog questions:

    1. Who is in your group and what has been your role in the group in terms of taking initiative to successfully select and complete your group’s project?
    2. How do you feel about ho
    w you have learned new knowledge in doing this project?
    3. How has your group overcome problems or difficulties in accomplishing your task?

    Ken Rohrs

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