April Lap tracking project update

Since the start of the project, I have come up with two main designs. My first design was to create a clear plastic slim watch somewhat copying the new Samsung gear android watch design. It was designed off of this watch as I want the watch to be light and slim to help not obstruct the runner. So my original plan was to have this watch time how long someone’s lap was, and to count the number of laps someone did by tracking sensors that the watch passed.

After talking to my main clients, the middle school PE teachers I have come up with an entirely new design. Talking to them I have learned that they want the watch to also track splits and each lap individually. As well as to give recommended lap times and reminders to tell the wearer of the watch to run faster or slower.

Of course using all of these features would be too daunting and too complex for me. So my current plan is to figure out and learn how to code a timer and a lap tracker into a watch. As soon as I can figure that out I will see if I can do these other recommendations.



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