Change of Project

My original plan for my lap tracking project was to create a slim watch that could track time. My plan went like this.

  • intro to programming plan
  • Program a watch that is lightweight and slim: Samsung Gear S
  • Set lap counters, and splits
  • Split time limits and recommendations
  • Beep when a lap is done
  • Beep twice when split is to be finished
  • Beep 4 times to pick up the pace
  • Beep once and pause and beep to slow down

I was going to do these steps one by one. However, this is way too complicated and I found that I was unable to do this. My new plan is to help make counting lap times for the mile run more accurate and simpler.  The coaches said they found it a nuisance trying to teach the students to use watches, not to mention from experience that some students don’t pay attention and when a student completes a lap their partner doesn’t time them properly. The new plan is to put sensors on the lap marker and making the students wear thin tags on their wrists or uniform.

When these students pass the sensor the tag activates it like an octopus card. Each tag will have their own individual number and when it passes the sensor the ID will be recorded down in a table with the exact time when the student passed, his number of laps (passes), and his name.

Unlike my original plan to create a watch which helped improve mile times, my new plan is to make the mile run more simple.

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