The plan I used in developing my code

When I made my code I used some of the design choices I learned from earlier classes. However, most of what I did that lead up to my code was pretty random.

  • When I first started my code I planned to make a watch and I went to ask my subject’s what they thought. After talking to them, I received good information including on how they wanted an easier way of tracking a person’s splits and if the watch could help them improve with lap time recommendations.
  • At first, I wasn’t really sure on how to start my code and I had no idea on how to code a watch. Eventually over time I gave up and changed my idea.
  • My new idea was to create a code that showed the number of laps and the time of each lap for a student who passed the sensor.
  • To make my new code I first started making a code that turned out completely wrong. After this, I received help from my teachers who helped kickstart my code by explaining to me what I was doing wrong.
  • During this time I created multiple “test benches” and lines of codes that each represented a different part of my overall code. After I finished all the small parts, I brought them together and made one large code which I used as a frame to build on and make better after each and every test.

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