G8 Unit 1 Badges summary SS

This unit my work habits have been very good and for my first test I got straight meetings. However, for the second test I was not prepared. This was because I got cocky and I thought I knew everything I already needed to know, which I didn’t. So I got the Seneca badge though I could have gotten a better badge if I had tried harder. This has taught me even though I might know a few things, I don’t know everything and I should keep reminding myself of this as this has happened in other classes. For the Unit one survey I said that geography was my favourite part in the unit, this was because I enjoy doing geography at times and America was one place I enjoyed looking at the geography so it was a breath of relief and fresh air for me. Last year I don’t actually remember a strategy I did but I do remember reading all sources I had at my house for studying as I found using those easier to study then TCI. I have used it this year and it works though for the second test I misread a part by accident so I messed up a bit. For a strategy that didn’t work I would say I usually waited till the last day to do something which I’m currently struggling to fix as a habit.

For a learning goal for unit 2 I plan to work harder and to get a higher badge than what I got this unit.

I love social studies!

I feel that I only managed to get an ME due to the increased gap that Mr. Pierce added. This was because I did not expect some of these questions and I had thought the test would be easier and so I slacked a little. So I feel that I just got short of an ME.


Next time I would try and study more and teach myself to not slack off and life will not be easy on me.

I found that the 5 day study plan and creating notes and saving them was very useful for helping me remember the knowledge needed.

I found that writing down an essay of notes in a way that we would do in a summary or LA was not as helpful as it could have been as the chapters were spread out in complicated ways.

Next time I will prepare myself by making my own tests and problems as well as the formidable 5 day study plan.