Plan for project

My original plan for this project was to make a watch that could track a person’s laps, time, and splits. However, this was too advanced for me and the school already has watches like this.  So I have changed to my plan to make a more simplified and lighter version of the watch for easier running.

My new idea acts like a type of octopus scanner. With the runner wearing a lightweight tag with a sensor. The idea is to be able to have a recorder that doesn’t require learning to use and is meant to be a very simplified version of the watch. It works by having the runner run past a sensor, this sensor then records the exact time he ran past it and it tracks that lap. By doing this the teacher will have an accurate number of laps run by each student making it harder for them to cheat and it will show the time difference between each lap.

Plan for coding

Individual sensor and people

when sensor activate by person

Tracks lap for the id: Records datetime

Repeat for each individual.