April 7th 2016: Coding Sessions

For the last couple of lessons, we have gotten into programming and learning how to code python. The experience is a bit tedious and annoying, but I do enjoy being able to use what I’ve learned to create funny little moments.

What is currently working well for me is making little creations and having fun and using the basics. It is also extremely helpful being able to work in class as I can usually only be productive in a classroom.


Today we have also chosen our coding projects. These projects involve finding a problem and using coding to fix it. I decided to choose to use coding to help track the laps that students run in PE. In order to fix this, I came up with a few ideas, including a very slim and light watch that doesn’t slow down the runner in any way and tracks the number of laps by a sensor at the lap point. After running the required laps the watch will beep to signify the laps are done and will record the time taken.