May 5, 2015

Act 1, Scene 1

Three Witches are meeting Macbeth on a small hill at twilight, I think when a battle is finished.

Act 1, Scene 2

A wounded sergeant tells that Macbeth was brave in the battle, and killed the Thane of Cawdor. King Duncan sends messengers to rewarded Macbeth with the name Thane of Cawdor, but Macbeth doesn’t know that yet.

Act 1, Scene 3

The Three Witches meet Macbeth on the small hill (heath) and prophesies that Macbeth will be the Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and future king. Messengers come to Macbeth and says that the king rewarded him with the name of Thane of Cawdor. They think that the Weird Sisters’ prophecy was true, because the second prophecy has come true (becoming the Thane of Cawdor).

Act 1, Scene 4

The king was praising Macbeth and Banquo. He then says that his son, Malcolm, will become the Prince of Cumberland, meaning Malcolm will become the king. Macbeth then asks the king if he could prepare a celebration/feast for Malcolm, and he knows that he has black thoughts. He was thinking, “I was supposed to become the king!”

Act 1, Scene 5

Lady Macbeth recieves a letter from Macbeth. She finds out that King Duncan is coming to their castle, and she knows what to do so that the third prophecy comes true. She calls evil spirits so she has strength.Macbeth is unsure, but Lady Macbeth says, “Leave it to me.”

Act 1, Scene 6

King Duncan comes to the castle, and he says it’s a beautiful castle with sweet air. Lady Macbeth comes out to greet the king. He keeps praising Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

May 7, 2015

Act 1, Scene 7

Macbeth is having doubts of killing King Duncan because he was rewarded and praised. Lady Macbeth comes out, and when she sees that he’s not going to do it, she convinces him playing with his emotions. Then he agrees to kill Duncan, saying, “We’ll hide our false hearts behind false faces.”

Act 2, Scene 1

Banquo was talking to Fleance (his son) when Macbeth enters. Banquo sees Macbeth and tells that he dreamt of the Weird Sisters. Macbeth bids Banquo goodnight. When he left, he’s thinking to himself, and he starts to hallucinate a dagger, but a bell rings, interrupting his thoughts. He says a few last words before sneaking into Duncan’s room.

Act 2, Scene 2

Lady Macbeth comes to the outside of Duncan’s room, and hears noises. Macbeth comes out of the room, and he’s carrying the daggers. Lady Macbeth cries, “Why are you carrying them! You’re supposed to leave them there!” Lady Macbeth takes the daggers, and when she comes out, her hands are also covered in blood. There’s knocking from the door, and Lady Macbeth takes Macbeth to their rooms to clean their hands and pretend they’ve been sleeping.

Act 2, Scene 3

The knocking continues, and it’s Macduff and Lennox. Macbeth comes down, and Macduff asks if the King’s awake, and goes sees him. Meanwhile, Lennox tells Macbeth about the terrible storm (foretelling the murder of Duncan). Macduff comes down, crying that the King’s dead, and while they go off to see, he cries for the bell. Lady Macbeth enters and asks what’s going on. They come back, and they said they would catch the murderers, but Macbeth says that he killed them in his fury. They go off to get ready to meet each other. Donalbain and Malcolm stay behind and decide to leave.

Act 2, Scene 4

Duncan’s two sons fled, which they said made them look suspicious. Macbeth is crowned king.

Act 3, Scene 1

He was crowned, and said that everyone would meet again when the feast starts. When everyone left, two murderers come in, and Macbeth says that they need to murder Banquo and his son, because even though he’s the king, non of his sons will become the king, Banquo’s son will. The Weird Sisters said so (refer to act 1, scene 3).

Act 3, Scene 2

Macbeth comes to Lady Macbeth, and he’s having dark thoughts. He’s thinking about what’s going to happen to Banquo and his son, Fleance. Lady Macbeth tries to cheer him up, and when she asks him what’s going to be done, he says, “Stay ignorant. Come with me.”

Act 3, Scene 3

Macbeth sends a third murderer, one he trusts. They murder Banquo, but Fleance escapes. The third murderer kills the two other murderers.

Act 3, Scene 4

At the feast, Macbeth finds out that Banquo’s dead, but his son is alive and he fled. At the feast, he hallucinates the ghost of Banquo, and his guests were glad to be excused (weirded out by what Macbeth was acting). Lady Macbeth says he lacks sleep, and Macbeth says he needs to find out the future by meeting the Weird Sisters, so he can keep what he’s done.

Act 3, Scene 5

Macbeth goes to see the Weird Sisters. They give him three more premonitions: Beware of Macduff, Thane of Fife, no man born of a woman shall harm Macbeth, and Macbeth shall never be vanquished until the Great Birnam Wood comes to his castle at Dunsinane. He’s reassured that he won’t be harmed in the future, but the Weird Sisters are successfully deceiving him.

May 11, 2015

Act 3, Scene 6

Lennox was talking about how strange the events were that happened (Duncan killed, Banquo killed). Was suspecting Macbeth because Macbeth is leading terribly, and heard that Macduff is getting an army.

Act 4, Scene 1

Macbeth heard that Macduff fled to England, and he’s going to kill everyone in Macduff’s family and anyone else (servants, cooks, etc.)

Act 4, Scene 2

Lady Macduff says Macduff is a traitor, but while she’s saying this, a messenger comes and warns her that she’s going to be killed. She has doubts, but then the murderers come. Her son gets murdered first, in front of her, and then she gets killed.

Act 4, Scene 3

Macduff arrives, and Malcolm tests Macduff, and he passes the test. Ross comes with news that Macduff’s family and everyone in the castle was killed. They then go off to kill Macbeth with an army.

Act 5, Scene 1

Lady Macbeth has been worrying about the deeds she’s done and knows about, and she starts to sleep walk. Her maid and a doctor witness her sleep walking, and while Lady Macbeth is sleep walking, she admits what she’s done and what she knows. The doctor said that she can’t be saved by a doctor, she has to be stopped by a priest.

Act 5, Scene 2

Scottish rebels are ready to fight Macbeth, and they find out that he’s in the castle, so they go.

Act 5, Scene 3

Macbeth isn’t really worried about the battle that’s going to happen, because of the prophecies (no man born of a woman can harm me, until the Birnam Forest comes to Dunsinane, I won’t be defeated). The doctor says that Lady Macbeth can’t be cured until she cures herself, and leaves.

Act 5, Scene 4

The army enters Birnam forest, and decides to cut branches from it to disguise the army. They go off. (The witches tricked Macbeth.)

May 13, 2015

Act 5, Scene 5

Macbeth thinks he’s going to win the battle, but a messenger comes and says Lady Macbeth committed suicide, and that the Birnam Woods are moving towards Dunsinane, and Macbeth gets worried, and says, “I’ll die in armour!”

Act 5, Scene 6

Malcolm, Siward, Macduff, and the army arrive at Dunsinane, and throw the Birnam branches away to attack.

Act 5, Scene 7

Macbeth convinces himself that he’ll still win, because of them being woman born. He kills Young Siward and gains confidence.

Act 5, Scene 8

Macduff enters, and since he’s not woman born, he kills Macbeth. The others come, and Macduff takes the crown and gives it to Malcolm. Fleance appears at the end, the prophecy of Banquo no being king, but his son will.

Visual Literacy

April 2, 2015 – (Video was too big to upload)

May 18, 2015

Isabella Tan’s Class Frame Analysis

May 27, 2015

Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Frame Analysis Graded Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Partner Frame Analysis Graded

Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Frame Analysis Graded

Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Visual Representation Graded Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Visual Representation (Paragraph)

Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Visual Representation (Drawing)

Isabella Tan’s Macbeth Visual Representation Graded Rubric

Prejudice Reflection

What did you learn about identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism? 

I learned that they all connect and link to each other. Identity is the start of prejudice, racism, and stereotypes. How you look, act, and behave, people then think you’re bad at every subject in school for example if you made a big mistake on an easy test. People will make stereotypes about you, and they could be linked to your race, and that’s prejudice. Sometimes, people prejudice other people without knowing.

In what ways did your ideas change from the initial lesson when we created word webs on the white boards?

I never knew what prejudice was before we did the lessons, so when we created word webs on the white boards, they make you think about what that word could mean, and in the end, you get a general idea about what those words mean to other people. I also didn’t know that identity could lead to prejudice, because I grew up in an environment where prejudice doesn’t happen much.

1. How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

Race shapes the way we see others and ourselves because they’re meant to tell the difference between people, categorise them into groups. Some races think they’re better than other races, so they see other people as inferior to them. If there weren’t races, I think there wouldn’t be stereotypes and prejudice based on race, like how people thought black people were dangerous.

2. To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

To Dyer, racism caused him to think that being prejudice to black people was okay, so he didn’t try to stop it, he did participate in yelling insults at black pedestrians, and he played a part of a black person in a play. Our ideas about race influence the choices we make a lot, because we choose not to go somewhere at a certain time because this race will steal your money, or go to this place because this race will keep you safe. We choose to go places and bring a certain amount of money and things because that race there will gang up on you and threaten you to give them your money. We still use races today to put people into groups, we still suspect some races or groups in that place are bad.

Tuff Time

March 19, 2015

Are the Socs and Greasers really that different? Why? Why not?

I don’t think the Socs and Greasers are really different, because the only differences is money and feelings. The evidence about feeling different is from page 38, “You don’t feel anything and we feel too violently.” They don’t live in a different world, as Ponyboy said on page 41, “Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.”

Are there any connections you can make to any of the characters and/or their situation?

I don’t think there are connections I can make to any of the characters or their situation. One connection that relates to The Outsiders could be that I did a musical on Grease the movie. This is a connection to The Outsiders because in Grease, there are also groups of people, and they all wear the same type of clothing within their group that distinguish each group. Another connection I can make (not to my own life) is Johnny’s life to Dave Pelzer’s life, because Johnny’s beat up by his dad, while Dave’s mother tortures him, and the parents both get drunk.

March 23, 2015

Why do you think Johnny killed Bob?

I think Johnny killed Bob because Bob and his friends beat him up really bad, so he’s really afraid of them. Another reason Johnny killed Bob was because David was drowning Ponyboy, and they (the Socs) couldn’t stop because they were drunk. Maybe Johnny killed Bob because he didn’t want Bob to hurt anyone else like Bob hurt Johnny.

What could have been some alternatives?

Some other alternatives besides killing Bob could’ve been to hurt him, not stab him. I also don’t think Johnny had to carry a switchblade around, I think he just needed to walk around with other Greasers, so he could’ve prevented Bob’s murder and Johnny and Ponyboy having to run away. I think Johnny just needed to be around people who cared for him, and would watch out for him.

What do you think Ponyboy and Johnny’s situation prompted Ponyboy’s recitation of  “Nothing Gold Can Stay”?

I think since they’re hiding from the police (the fuzz) they will be found out sooner or later, and it won’t be peaceful like this for long. I also think that sooner or later Johnny was going to kill someone when the Socs in the blue Mustang beat him up, so the situation of Johnny not going to hurt anyone will change, which it did. After Johnny killed Bob, the situation is more tensed. They’re going to have a rumble, which doesn’t happen very often.

Who is innocent? Who has experience? (Think about all characters)

Some people who are innocent are Sodapop, Two-Bit, and Darry. They’re innocent because Sodapop doesn’t hurt people because he understands them, and he doesn’t have experience in killing people. Two-Bit is innocent because he wasn’t involved in the murder of Bob. Darry’s innocent because even though he hit Ponyboy, it was by accident, and he was really sorry for it. Someone who has experience is Dallas because he’s been to “the fuzz” (police) a lot, that now the fuzz suspect him for a lot of things happening on the Greasers’ turf because he did steal and try to pick up girls and other things. I also think Johnny has experience in killing someone now that he killed Bob, but Johnny doesn’t like it, and I think he doesn’t want to do it again.

March 25, 2015

Cherry the Soc vs. Cherry the Dreamer?

Cherry the Soc is a girl who dated Bob. The Socs are unfeeling. Cherry the Soc is a person who ignored Greasers in school. Cherry’s more of a dreamer, because she doesn’t like fighting, she watches the sunsets, she doesn’t like being with Bob and his friends when they’re drunk, and she likes Johnny and Ponyboy even though they’re Greasers.

Are Ponyboy and Johnny heroes? Why or why not?

I think Ponyboy and Johnny are heroes because they endangered their lives to save the children in the church. Even though the fire was started by a gun, something they brought, they’re still heroes for risking their lives for them. Though Johnny killed Bob, I still think they’re heroes for wanting to turn themselves in to the fuzz, even though they were more harsh on the Greasers.

How do we know that Darry truly cares for Ponyboy?

We know that Darry truly cares for Ponyboy because in the book, it says that Darry wants the best of Ponyboy. Darry probably wants the best for him because he’s the youngest, their parents died, and Ponyboy’s Darry’s youngest brother. He shouts at Ponyboy because he wants him to use his time wisely, like when Darry yells at him to do homework when he’s playing ball, or when he’s reading, and he wants him to play ball. He was also really truly sorry for hitting Ponyboy, and you can tell that he wasn’t pretending because of the expression he had.

March 26, 2015

Write about what you understand about Cherry’s line “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston,” she said. “I hope I never see him again or I will.”

At first I thought it meant that Cherry would fall in love with Dallas even though he was annoying her in the movie theatre because she thought he was better than Bob. Now I think that it means that Dallas’ and Bob’s personalities are similar, how they’re both tough, but they have a soft side to them, and they have people follow them because of how they are.

In realising that Cherry has green eyes, what does this signify for Ponyboy and his understanding of people and the world.

In the beginning of the book, it says, “I wish they were more grey, because I hate most guys that have green eyes.” Maybe since he found out that Cherry has green eyes, he realised that not all people with green eyes are bad. We still don’t know why Ponyboy hates most guys with green eyes.

PBL Project – Q & A

What are you going to build?

We’re going to build a wind powered phone charger.

Why have you decided to build this object (energy transfer system) a working model?

We decided to build this because it would be a challenge, because you need to figure out how to connect the motor to the phone cable to be able to charge the phone. It would be a bit more complicated that building a solar powered oven, or just lighting up a lightbulb, or spinning a fan blade.

What materials are you going to need to complete your build?

Some materials we need are a fan blade, a motor, cables with alligator clips, a car cigarette or car adaptor, a phone cable, and a phone. We’re going to build the fan blade ourselves. We took out the car cigarette/car adaptor because we took an old phone cable, cut the USB out, so the wires are showing, and we’re going to see if that would work to charge the phone.

U.S. Government Unit

I feel I did pretty well overall on the U.S. Government Unit, but on the Government & Politics Common Summative Assessment 2014-15 (the most recent test), I felt I did pretty badly on, because some of the questions I didn’t read properly, so I got them wrong. Something I would do differently is to make sure I understand everything, and ask questions. Some study strategies that worked was reading the chapter, take notes and write down questions, then stay after school and ask those questions and make sure I understand and know everything. Some strategies that didn’t work was leaving everything until the last minute. For example, reading the chapter two days before the test. Next time there’s a test, I would look at all the materials I’ve been given for that unit, and, if possible, know what parts of the test are about. I would also stay after school so I can ask questions.

TCI Chapter 9: The Constitution: A More Perfect Union, Section 6: Checks and Balances Between the Branches

School House Rocks: Preamble

Unit 1 Reflection: Native Americans

Oct. 6, 2014

TCI Chapter 1

In this unit, I learned that Native Americans believed that everything had a spirit, and they respected their surroundings, and that there were cultural regions for the Native Americans, like Northwest Coast, California, Southeast, Great Plains and so on. I learned that the Native Americans ate different food, built different types of houses, and did things differently from each other because of the animals, plants, and climate of each region.

“The most frustrating part of the unit was having to know the cultural regions, because it’s kind of hard to not get it mixed up with the other cultural regions.” I want to add that it was also hard to remember which region used what for their houses, weapons, tools, and clothes, because each region had to adapt to their environment. I thought it was hard to remember each region because each region had different climates which effect how the Native Americans lived.

Mr. Pierce gave me the badge Seneca Silver. I think it accurately describes my learning, and how I transferred it by my short answers in my summative tests. I did learn about the different regions, and explained why I thought that the Southwest was the most resourceful (Part 2 of the assessment, A), but for part B, I didn’t quite understand how the place of a region impacted the culture of the place. I think last year I didn’t do well on my summative assessments in class either.

One learning strategy that didn’t work for me was reading the textbook without taking notes. This didn’t work out, because if I did take notes, I could review them for the test, and it also helps with having it stay in my head. One learning strategy that did work was filling out that A3 piece of paper about the Native American regions, because you reword it (sort of) and it helps you remember each region, and it’s also very good for reviewing for the test.

A learning goal for Unit 2 is to fully understand the essential question (I don’t know it yet) and also understand the unit. I should also read the textbook and take useful notes, especially about something I don’t understand about the unit or the textbook, and I should probably ask and research about words I don’t know.

Seneca Silver Badge:


Current Events: Occupy Hong Kong

Oct. 8, 2014

South China Morning Post



From S.C.M.P. one man named Lee Ching-hong said that he wants the next generation to be able to vote for the next chief executive. I also learned that even though people who run businesses support the protesters, they’re saying they shouldn’t do it in a way that affects others. They say that since people have to take longer and different routes to get around Hong Kong, the customers have been driven away. From BBC, CY Leung says that if he steps down, Hong Kong’s chief executive would be chosen by a committee instead of voting. Hong Kong’s protests are considered “the politest protesters” on some media, because they were cleaning up. From CNN, the protesters are saying that it’s pointless to vote from the candidates Beijing will choose. China is afraid that what’s happening in Hong Kong will have a domino effect in China, because some people in China shaved their heads to support the protesters in Hong Kong.

Since I read some parts of the articles, I learned that the protesters are protesting for a good reason, and the reason why is pretty clear from the news article from CNN, because I learned that Beijing will choose the candidates, and it really would be pointless to vote, because you don’t really trust them. You can’t vote someone who’s going to do something really good for Hong Kong if they’re not one of the candidates. I also support the people who agree with the protesters but want to protest in a way that doesn’t effect others, because some of my friends and classmates have to pass through Central to get home, but they have to take a different route and bus that takes longer.

Something I’m still confused about is why China doesn’t let Hong Kong vote for their leader and chief executive. Do they want to “control” Hong Kong? I read from CNN that if Xi, China’s leader, accepts what Hong Kong protesters are fighting for, he will lose face. Why would he lose face?

South China Morning Post, drawn by Yu Pak-to:


“I can express my feelings through sketching. The colour yellow is used the represent the movement.”