Sept. 4, 2014

Quarter 1 Reading and Writing Goals

Reading: To read constantly, and record how many chapters I read. The evidence will be a google document I made. Specific? I would mark how many chapters I read every night. Measurable? I will try to AT LEAST read one chapter every night. Actionable? If I don’t have my computer, I will write the date on a piece of paper and record it that way and put it on my document later. (Don’t really need Realistic). Timely? I will keep recording if I read and how many chapters until Quarter 1 ends, or continue to do it if it helps me (which it does).

Writing: To increase my vocabulary! My evidence will be my parents and Ms. Bevear, because I will be trying to word bomb ALL DAY. Specific? I will look at one word and try to word bomb it. I will learn at least 3 words every week. Measurable? I will word bomb for at least one day. I would learn at least 3 words a week. Actionable? I would write the word I’m word bombing on a sticky note, and put it on my water bottle (since I carry it everywhere), and I would also tell Ms. Bevear the word I’m word bombing. Realistic? I would ask Ms. Bevear if I don’t know how to use a word in a sentence. Timely? I would learn at least 12 words from now until the end of quarter 1 if I’m consistent.

Nov. 3, 2014

Quarter 2 Reading and Writing Goals

Reading: To keep reading consistently and recording how many chapters I read. The evidence is a google document I made. I will also read mystery and more non-fiction books like non-fiction, autobiography, biography, historical fiction, poetry, or science fiction. The evidence will be my reading log.

Writing: To try and increase my vocabulary. I will write the word I’m going to learn in my planner in the P.O.T.D. area everyday. I will try to learn at least 1 word a week (to remember the writing goal and do it.) I should have a reward to motivate me like chocolate or something that would get me motivated. My evidence will be my planner (to see the word).

Nov. 5, 2014

Isabella Tan’s Quarter 1 Goals Presentation

Dec. 15, 2014

Isabella Tan’s Quarter 2 Work Habits

Jan. 9, 2015

Quarter 3 Reading and Writing Goals

Isabella Tan’s Quarter 2 Presentation Graded Ruberic

Isabella Tan’s Quarter 2 Presentation  (I couldn’t upload it through a file since it’s too big…)

Reading: To read consistently and record how many chapters I read. The evidence would be the google doc I made. I should also read more non-fiction books, so I plan to have a list of recommended non-fiction books. The evidence will be my reading log, since it’ll have the non-fiction books I finished on it.

Writing: To increase my vocabulary. I will write an email at the end of the week, with sentences with words from my Word Wall. The evidence will be the emails I sent, and Ms. Bevear to check. This is a good way to check if I used the word correctly. To remind myself, I would write the word I’m using in my word wall. I could also ask Ms. Bevear for “recommended” words, words that I can use in everyday language, and can also use in my writing.

April 2, 2015

Isabella Tan’s Quarter 3 Goals Presentation

Quarter 3 Goals Presentation Graded Rubric

Quarter 4 Reading and Writing Goals

Reading: READ CONSISTENTLY, and record how many chapters I’ve read. I need to read more consistently, so I’m going to record how many chapters everyday. The evidence would be on the google doc I made that records all the chapters I’ve readIt’s realistic because I could read at least 2 chapters every night, and it’s not too difficult to read consistently, or I could read more if I have timeIt’s timely because I’m going to read every night in quarter 4.

Writing: I’m going to improve my grammar by  Ms. Bevear what kinds of grammar exercises I could do at home. The evidence will be Ms. Bevear and my planner.  I can achieve this by writing when to stay after school (maybe every Tuesday) in my planner. This is realistic because I would be working on my grammar,  and I would have it in my planner to remind me of what I need to do. It’s timely because I would be staying after school on Tuesdays in quarter 4.

May 27, 2015

Isabella Tan’s Work Habits Graded Rubric

Isabella Tan’s Work Habits Green Slip

May 31, 2015

Writing Goal Documents

Comma Exercises 1

Comma Exercises 2

June 3, 2015

Quarter 4 Goals Presentation Graded Rubric

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