U.S. Government Unit

I feel I did pretty well overall on the U.S. Government Unit, but on the Government & Politics Common Summative Assessment 2014-15 (the most recent test), I felt I did pretty badly on, because some of the questions I didn’t read properly, so I got them wrong. Something I would do differently is to make sure I understand everything, and ask questions. Some study strategies that worked was reading the chapter, take notes and write down questions, then stay after school and ask those questions and make sure I understand and know everything. Some strategies that didn’t work was leaving everything until the last minute. For example, reading the chapter two days before the test. Next time there’s a test, I would look at all the materials I’ve been given for that unit, and, if possible, know what parts of the test are about. I would also stay after school so I can ask questions.

TCI Chapter 9: The Constitution: A More Perfect Union, Section 6: Checks and Balances Between the Branches

School House Rocks: Preamble


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