About me


Hobbies: reading, watching movies, being a vegetable at home, sometimes collecting stamps, reading manga and watching anime

Interests: karate, kendo, fencing, drawing (though I’m not very good), astronomy!!!!, Greek mythology, Earth science (ocean floor maps, Pangea), moths and butterflies, the bugs that roll up into a ball

Likes: noodles (Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Taipei etc.), soup, pasta, steak, burgers, sweet things (chocolate!!!), Indian curry, smoothies, milk shakes, lots of other foods I can’t list them all, sleeping, snow, winter, December, the numbers 12 and 20

Dislikes: sports, too spicy food, bitter melon, going out of the house if I don’t need to, homework over the weekends (who like homework over the weekends?), history, politics

Not interested in: sports, college (right now)

Anything you want to ask me about? Tell me. 🙂

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