PBL Project – Q & A

What are you going to build?

We’re going to build a wind powered phone charger.

Why have you decided to build this object (energy transfer system) a working model?

We decided to build this because it would be a challenge, because you need to figure out how to connect the motor to the phone cable to be able to charge the phone. It would be a bit more complicated that building a solar powered oven, or just lighting up a lightbulb, or spinning a fan blade.

What materials are you going to need to complete your build?

Some materials we need are a fan blade, a motor, cables with alligator clips, a car cigarette or car adaptor, a phone cable, and a phone. We’re going to build the fan blade ourselves. We took out the car cigarette/car adaptor because we took an old phone cable, cut the USB out, so the wires are showing, and we’re going to see if that would work to charge the phone.