Semester 1 Practice: Great Poets Reflection

Semester 1 Practice: Great Poets Reflection (09/17/2018)




I chose to put this piece of work into my Unit 1 Portfolio because I think it shows my growth over the course of this unit. The subject in question was my chosen poet, Charles Wright, and this short yet thoughtful reflection on his works shows that I am able to pick out the key trends and symbols that Wright employs in his poets–something I wouldn’t have been able to do before this unit. Never before have I examined and analyzed a poet at this depth and level, and doing this reflection showed me that a particular author’s writing style adds a layer of uniqueness and meaning that can only be derived from his/her writing, even though the same topic might have been written about by other poets. Something that surprised me was Wright’s allusions to a famous Chinese poet, using similar poetic techniques and thoughts. I never knew that there could be a connection between Western and Eastern poets because poetry is so unique in every language that I didn’t think it could be ported between languages. I really enjoyed the Great Poets project because it was a chance, a systematic opportunity, to explore some great poetry. I have merely scratched the surface with my readings of great poetry in this unit, but I can already start to see how beautifully great poets can manipulate words and structures to craft art.