In-Class Writing: APL: U1: Q3 Diagnostic

In-class writing: APL: U1: Q3 Diagnostic (08/29/2018)

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For this in-class writing, I chose to write about “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, a required novel I read back in Humanities I. I still remembered a lot about that book because it had quite a profound impact on me, with its gripping plot and Okonkwo’s character development. I treated this assignment like writing an AP Lang paper as I didn’t quite know how Q3 for AP Lit was supposed to be written. I felt that the prompt fit perfectly with Okonkwo’s character development, which allowed me to write a fluent and coherent topic using this book. It also showed me that my organization for this paper worked as well, which means I will be using the same technique in the future. But this diagnostic also showed me what I needed to improve and get better at in the future. For example, when I looked at the suggested works on the first page of the assignment, I realized that I actually knew very little about many of the works and that I needed to work hard to familiarize myself with classic texts in order to do a good job on future Q3s and the exam itself. I am looking forward to the short stories unit, as it is a whole unit dedicated to learning about these classic works that I never really got the time or had the motivation to study before.