Final Reflection

1) VIA Strengths
Looking at the photo above and choosing two descriptions to describe myself, I would choose these two. Teamwork and honesty. During the process of making our apparatus, there were certain problems and sometimes it just didn’t look very nice. We would have just ignored it, but I tend to just be as painfully honest as possible and say whatever is happening and what’s wrong with it. This made it so we could speed up the process and so that when there are changes to be made we can just make them. Teamwork because Elizabeth and I were friends, we knew each other’s strength and we enjoyed working together, so we shared the work fairly and did what we were best at.

2) Collaboration and Teamwork
These two things are very, very important. Without working together, Elizabeth and I would be very confused and in the end, the disk and the motor might not have worked together due to the difference in the connection and weight. If we didn’t work well together, we could have been arguing and wasted a lot of time. Teamwork also affects your efficiency since things will go smoothly and many different jobs can be completed at the same time then combined together in the end. Teamwork also makes the group or partnership happy, a happy worker is a productive worker.

3) Favourite teamwork video

I chose this video because the group that I worked in wasn’t very big and we came a across a big problem near the due date that we had to quickly tackle. This video is also rather funny therefore I chose it, I guess the penguins were rather devious and stealing someones car isn’t a good idea. But teamwork is. Leaving your teammate behind is bad and only partially solving a problem ad letting it come back to get you again isn’t a good idea either.

PBL Update 2/25/15

a.) What does your apparatus do?
What our apparatus is supposed to do is entertain people, generally younger people like babies. It’s a baby mobile, but I’m sure it can decorate anyone’s house. Because of the small motor, it’ll be able spin slowly and the solar energy used would be enough

b.) Where are you at now?
Currently, we’re doing quite well. We only need to get some items for decor. We’ve got the complete plan down, the disc is almost complete since it’s all shiny and decorated. However, we need to connect the motor to it and add some more decorations if we can
c.) What do you need to get/do to get it done by next Day6 (ish)?
All we need are some extra decorations and time
photo 1
photo 3 (1)
photo 5

PBL Update

1.) Where have we been?
So far, my partner Elizabeth and I have created a general plan of what we need to do to make the creation the way it’s supposed to be. What we are planning to make is a baby mobile. It’s job is to serve as entertainment and decoration for anyone, but probably babies. The design is going to look a like a round disk with decorations hanging off of it and it’ll rotate slowly and move the decorations hanging around. We will accomplish this by using gears and energy created by the thermoelectric generator.
2.) Where are we going?
Our plan is to end up with a baby mobile that looks decorative and works properly. So far, the disk is done and some of the paper decorations are done. Although, sadly Elizabeth isn’t back from AMIS yet so I’ll have to work alone, plus, I can’t make many changes since I need her consent. Although we are going quite well right now and we just need to get some of the more complicated materials and find out how to get the mobile to start turning.
3.) Next Steps
We have written a list of materials that we will probably need.
– Cardboard
– Gears
– Sticks
– Thermoelectric Generator
– Old blanket
– Construction paper
– Copper Wire
– Hot Glue
– Generator
– Bells
We aren’t completely sure what our jobs are since I can’t really discuss with her right now, although I believe that my job is probably going to find the materials since I know my way around Hong Kong and I can find all the things that she doesn’t know about like the gears and the thermoelectric generator. Elizabeth is the smart one, so she’d probably be best for designing the complicated mechanisms while I just help her and give her ideas.

DC Motor and Turbine

Today 1/28/15, Aditya and I created a DC Motor using these items:

– 2 paperclips
– a styrofoam cup
– a long copper wire made into a tight woven circle
– 2 wires with alligator clips
– 2 magnets
– lockable power supply.

The reason the copper circle spun while electricity runs through it is because of the two magnetic fields. When electricity ran through the copper circle, it pushed the electrons in it and created a electromagnetic field. The magnet below originally had a magnetic field. So when the two magnetic fields interacted with each other, the magnetic below had a attract repel relationship with the copper above. This caused the copper above to constantly spin, since the wires were configured in a way where it completes a circuit, the copper keeps spinning. While it’s spinning, there are usually electric arcs, those aren’t dangerous in small amounts like this. A constant spinning can be useful to power things like cars and boats. There are many other things to power as well, but most of them don’t use electricity. Not strong enough.

The turbine works like this, since there isn’t electricity running through the copper anymore, there isn’t a magnetic field around it anymore. There is only one magnetic field. The one coming from the magnet. This magnetic field interacts which the copper above when we spun the copper. Relative to the magnetic field, the electrons inside the copper move around which creates electricity even though it’s a very, very small amount. Although, when it’s on a larger scale, it can create quite a large amount of electricity, like which wind mills and water mills.

Rube Goldberg Machine

For the past week, my team from science class. Jordan, Kristian, Ivan and I (Ashley) have been working on a Rube Goldberg Machine. A Rube Goldberg Machine is a complicated device that has a simple purpose, however, it consists of many transfers (in our case 5) and uses of different energies (3 kinds for ours). Our machine starts a small cart on a ramp, it is being held by a spring, with had gravitational potential. This ended with kinetic energy when we cut the cart loose. Which knocked a series of dominos over, the final domino hit a bottle covered with magnets that rolled down a metal ramp and landed on a platform covered with more magnets. This is the magnetic energy. There are some energies though that our machine created although didn’t use. Heat is always a wasted when energy is transferred. Also, for the ramp at the end, we didn’t need magnetic energy because the gravitational pull was enough for the bottle to roll down. The spring helped the cart move faster although it wasn’t necessary. Our machine was a success because the bottle was able to stop at the end and Jordan was able to retrieve it and drink it. We have succeeded.