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I honestly was very slow in class when we worked on the brain frame for several apparent reasons I cannot name at the moment. When I had come to the Homework club lunch session, I suddenly finished the entire thing during lunch time. I really need to work on my time management as it is very ‘wonky’ at the time being.

Reflection of Identity, Prejudice, Racism, Stereotypes

Identity is the basic character of a person, a strong factor to affecting the surrounding environment amongst the person. Identity is who you are, what character exists within you, what makes you special, what makes you feel something. Identity is relating to religion, specialty, and unique expression of one’s character.

Stereotypes are the basic ideas of all ethnic groups according to their common similarities, though are not true. Asians are considered to be those who are yellow skinned, have small eyes, eat everything with chopsticks, wear rice hats, and study all the time when conscious. Dark skinned people, blacks, are known as a lower class than white skinned people, whites. American Indians are portrayed as red skinned and shown as wearing ‘regular’ tribal wear. Stereotypes are usually based on the identities these discriminated/praised peoples possess. It also introduces to the world the stupidity behind discrimination.

Racism is the basic principle of judging an ethnic group without definite facts based on skin colour. Asians are named ‘yellows’ by the general racist community of ‘superior’ races. Caucasians are referred to as ‘Whites’ and are generally known as the ‘superior’ race, rumors say white skin means the light and ‘justice’. People of African, Middle Eastern, and more origins are known as the general Black community and are discriminated as slaves due to the situation back in the 1760s.

Prejudice is the act of discriminating on an ethnic group according to all of the above that seems to match the victims. A well-known stereotype of, for example, black people is that they call each other the N word all the time and don’t help people of foreign race. Of course, the stereotype is just a common misconception and does not apply to all people within that ethnic group. The stereotype being based on race and exterior or basic characteristics observed by the ‘superior’ races. To some, prejudice is an act of introducing the stupidity of the common community today. To most, however, discriminating on others is unrecognised as prejudice and more of a normal routine.

Reflection of TCI Assessment and Competence Unit

When I reflect on my own answers in a project or assessment, I tend to reflect with constricting standards. I realised my success in the Chapter 10 assessment after I received the grade, and it was only then that I stopped telling myself about failing a straight ME again. I personally thought I didn’t have enough detail in my short answer and essay questions and never thought a third time about an answer in the MPC questions.

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Next time I do the assessment, I would consider noting down all key points of the question and piece them together to find the best answer.

Goals for Q4

Writing: I want to be able to write a summary that does not take up the whole page for each of my paragraphs in writing documents, such as my 4th paragraph for my Everything Has Its Cost narrating script. I always like to include everything in my mind into the document without explaining about each idea. I want to be able to accept some ideas I would like to include into a document and delete others as I usually cannot let go of any idea to explain the subject. I would also want to convince someone who opposes my opinion that my side of an argument is true and theirs false. (Shown as before and after)

Reading: I want to be able to sit still as I read. I always have a tendency to stare at colours rather than black and white. I also want to be able to read faster because 1) I heard high school students read a page every minute, so I want to be as ready as possible, and 2) I want to complete a task as fast as possible when there is a decent or higher amount of text. (Time myself doing work)

Vocabulary: I want to be able to identify the definitions of a series of random words. In other words, I would like to learn what a word or term means just splitting the word or term, such as omnipotent into omni (all) and potent (powerful). (Show a series of complex words or terms and explain each section of word or term)



Poetry is shown in the 2 big pictures below

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Writing shown in the 4 pictures above


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I would like to say that I have improved on my writing strategies and reading comprehension. I have almost finished my goals, but not to the extent of finishing them too early. I have begun to use the WWW to exaggerate the flow of my story/argument. I have also read more books specific to genres that I have not read before such as historical and science fiction, mystery, even comedy in a sense.

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Quarter 2 Reading and Writing Goals

In this quarter, the fact that my Wonder Words Wall has not been edited for a week or so and the Reading Log has not appeared on my screen for a long time tells me that I have begun a bad start towards the rest of the year. Although I have read a few books already, it seems that I think too much about additions to the storyline and read much slower. If my progress continues at this rate, I will possibly achieve an overall DE for the following quarters. Therefore, I shall try to read faster by not thinking so much about the story that the book portrays. I will also try to remember to open my reading log or WWW whenever I read. I also seem to read certain genres of books. So in Quarter 2, I will attempt to fill in these gaps so the cycle can restart when all is done, with, of course, a reachable goal.


Whenever I write, my fingers tend to move slowly and as lazily as possible or itch my scalp while typing. The fact that I can come up with strong ideas but can’t support or enhance them well adds to my percentage of task failure. Because of this, I want to attempt a decision to somehow keep my fingers pressing buttons on a keyboard and maybe plan my writing to spread out everything into neat and clearly seen paragraphs or lines. In Quarter 2, I want to overcome by eczema scalp issue and improve my writing prowess as this will as well help me survive in high school, and possibly college. I could even ask my parents to practice this method for me to instinctually use in class.

G8 Reading

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Reading Summative Reflection

When I have answered the questions on the reading summative, I thought about my previous mistakes first. Then I would write the fixed version of such after my basic outline of the paragraph was laid down. Once Ms. Bevear had announced that the class had several minutes left, I was anxious as I thought my answer wouldn’t explain my reasoning well enough to achieve an ME. Therefore, I had missed out on revisions that could make my answer improve my grade. After I had received the test, I was surprised that there was a circle around the listed requirements for an ME.  Though I had done great and achieved something I didn’t know I could get, Ms. Bevear had managed to point out some of the same errors I wanted to finish revising and others that I never noticed. All in all, I am proud of my grade, but still want to improve my skill and knowledge for the next reading summative.

Book Club Video Links and Recap


I would reflect my kind of inappropriate actions during the recorded conversation. I tried to act like I have always done previously during summative book club meetings for Ms. Wible, just with more proper tone of voice. I would say that I have contributed fairly much and have let everyone have a go at sharing ideas with the group. However, I truly think the conversation could be better if I hadn’t acted so improperly, but that would just make the club meeting a little bit boring.


I would say to have improved on this book club meeting, but I still need to have a little bit of control. I haven’t necessarily spoke when another member shared a thought, but I have interrupted unexpectedly, even towards myself. I have contributed to most of the sharing thought process. However, I seemed to have read ahead and nearly spoiled the rest of the book, and made it feel very awkward. Overall, I have slightly improved, but not what I would have expected before the meeting.

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I did honestly think I would not be able to understand the required speed of the process for the project in my case. I have tried to refer my content to the text using quotes within the novels in the video, but had thought about balance between time and content. I had pictures to show on each section of the recordings, however, the grade I had received leaves me in confusion: where in the video is there no pictures other than the intro and outtro? During the process of finding ‘quality’ images, I found most of them had not related much to the keywords I had typed into the Google search bar. I have also requested assistance from other classmates on how to insert my face narrating as a box in a corner of the screen, and I had still misunderstood their advice, despite the concept ‘clearly’ explained to me. I also had written an enormous amount of text for the 4th paragraph, which was meant to be a summary connecting the novels and historical event together.

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