PBL Final Reflection

This PBL I think I have shown that my strength as perseverance and zest. I showed perseverance when I was able to churn out a whole new green booklet in two days. I showed zest where I rushed straight into building without really having a good green booklet to start.  It is important because if you can effectively collaborate you can get a lot more down with two minds working together then one mind. I like the effective collaboration because at the end they decide that it just would not work out so they stopped working together.


Are apparatus creates free light that does not use electricity.

We first have collected three medium sized water bottles.

then we have to collect a lot more cardboard to make the structure.

Now we have to finish the structure and make the solution for the bottles of light.


We hare creating the structure and setting up the panels for light


We need to complete the structure and finish the tiles and start testing


We have tried to design several different projects that we thought would be interesting such as a tesla coil or hover craft, but in the end they have all had a flaw so we have settled on the idea of a skateboard that would charge your phone. Now we have to finalise our design of the skateboard and then gather materials and start to build. We need a generator from Mr. B then a skateboard from Stanley a iPhone charger.  We would also require velcro  drill to drill into to the board collaborate to buy the stuff.

DC Generator


The DC motor works because the magnetic field around the magnet and the electricity flowing through the generator is moving in the same direction. The wire spins because of the electricity that is going in the magnetic field of the generator, through the various parts creating an electric circuit. DC stands for Direct current so the energy is going down in only one direction. The magnetic field from the magnet along with the generator turn the coil around in circles.



Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Aditya, Will, Matteo, Kaito

Energy Types That we used:

  1. Gravitational Potential Energy
  2. Kinetic Energy
  3. Elastic Potential Energy
  4. Magnetic Energy

Energy Types That we didn’t use but came along with the other energies:

  1. Sound Energy
  2. Heat Energy
  3. Kinetic Energy

Transfers in Rube Goldberg:

  1. When the first dominos hit the marble
  2. The marble hits a wooden stick
  3. The stick hits a ball attached to a surfer
  4. The surfer knocks the dominos down
  5. The dominos hit the ping pong ball with a magnet inside
  6. The ping pong ball hits the magnets
  7. The magnets hit the car

Goal of Rube Goldberg: The goal of our machine is somewhat of a trap. To show that we used Thor as an example as he ends up killing Loki.   Conclusion: Despite the fact that we had some group problems and it didn’t work sometimes it did work in the end. At the start we planned something completely different but we never imagined that it’d end up working as well as it did. A few times the dominos didn’t all fall and some other times the magnets didn’t have enough force to actually move the car that was supposed to kill Loki. One time one of the dominos were knocked down the ramp by force that by itself hit the car. So we then adjusted the ramp and it ended working fine. So overall I can speak for my group when I say that we are satisfied by our group’s work.

Pottery Geek/China

Photo on 3-12-14 at 9.33 AM Photo on 3-12-14 at 9.33 AM #2shapes-of-bronzes6ceb993f8ae3988ea769a873bc8f01c7

1) My original thought was to have a small bodied pot with a big neck but after seeing what it would look like I decided I would go for a hybrid pot using the tallness of the Lebes Garnikos (Greek) and the inward curves of the Zun pot (Chinese).

2) My pot is a person expression of me since it is pretty good boy but can be slightly slanted and bumpy in my personality. One example is my interesting humour. Example of my humour would be me trying to get interesting photo for this post by pretending to drop it.

3) No I think Pottery is a thing of the past because of new technology like 3d printing coming along and putting forming 3d works out the window.

4) Mine is a interpretation because I did not really follow any guide lines I made it myself without any influences I just say what I was making though my mines eye.

5) I would have made a lip so it could pour liquid easier.

Standard 4: Interpretation

Photo on 29-10-14 at 10.41 AM

Since halloween is coming up i wanted to include some halloween elements. One example is the giant kool-aid man which is my twist off the Pillsbury man from ghostbuster. I also made some references to modern people with the tomb stones.

Some similarities between my work and their work is  the way I use a light to show key parts of the work I also used basic shapes to make up most of my work. The differences  are the material while I used cardboard Hari and Deepti used only paper, and their pieces have a lot more layers making their pieces more dynamic.


I can improve by adding more elements and also taking a picture that shows what I did better.

In process

Photo on 15-10-14 at 9.30 AM I am currently working on my buildings not in picture. To make my background more interesting by including some famous hong kong buildings. I also have some key elements to make but overall i think i am making process.