APL: U1: Original Poem assignment

APL: U1: Original Poem assignment

Due : 9/05/18


Employ what you have been learning!

Original poem due 12 line minimum. Write about something that matters to you. Explore and try poetic techniques (maybe sound devices, imagery, figurative language) as well as an intentional structure.

Lara Moo

I never thought I could love someone

as much as I love you,

until the day you proved it true.


Your little smile,

and your sparkling eyes,

bring so much joy to our lives.


You don’t need to hide your tears,

As I promise to fight your fears.


Everyday I lead the way,

because I will be here day by day.


Sisters not by blood but by choice,

please promise to never hide your voice.


No matter the distance between me and you,

I will always love you my Lara moo.


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