Semester 2 Growth Reflection

Semester 2 Growth Reflection

Ap Lit for me has been a whirlwind of good times and hard times; however, I am proud of my result. For me coming into this class the idea of having all A’s was not necessary to me, I signed up for this class to improve on my analytical reading and writing skills which I believe this class had helped with those goals. My main struggle was how I fell off the tracks at the beginning of the second semester when the school had to take a step back, and I had to take care of other things which I was scared would leave me doing poorly in this course. Despite the struggle, I am very proud taking into consideration that this is a college level course that I came out the other side with 15 MEs and only one AE in my SC composites. The AE begins in SC 13 – I can utilize logical organization and demonstrate coherence. This may be observed through my use of rhetorical structures, and/or effective use of transitions, repetition, and emphasis.


Reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett was for me by far my favorite book, I found myself being able to connect it to multiple different themes as well as was able to use it for the actual AP test. The AP question 1,2 and three practice FRQs were real proof of my growth in this course. At this beginning of the year the idea of having to write a well written and organized essay in 40 minutes terrified me as I thought I would never be able to do it. However, with many practice essays throughout the year, it prepared me for going into the AP exam. I went in not stressed about the time but ready to see what the question was given and was prepared to brainstorm what to write. I am incredibly proud of the fact that I was able to write for all 3 of the questions in the exam.


From this class, I’ve learned that some works will not be your best work and that it ok. Everybody has different journeys with writing, and even though some things won’t be your best work, the important thing is that you tried your best. Through this semester, there were many times that I thought I wouldn’t make it, and there were assignments that I couldn’t get to, for example, the Novel Lecture. During this time, the reality of some time you have to let things go and take care of yourself came into play. The idea of thinking of 1 let alone three themes and then standing up in front of a class defeated me ultimately. From this class, I’ve learned that communication with your teacher is exceptionally crucial as I was able to complete the assignment with a grade I was proud of. There will always be voices in your head saying you can’t but at the of the day it is your voice and your head and it is up to you to beat it. The things I have learned through this course and the lessons and memories I have had made through this class makes me excited to go on and use my knowledge about literature in the future.


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