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Semester 2 Growth Reflection

Ap Lit for me has been a whirlwind of good times and hard times; however, I am proud of my result. For me coming into this class the idea of having all A’s was not necessary to me, I signed up for this class to improve on my analytical reading and writing skills which I […]

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Essential Question Reflection 2

What are the complexities and paradoxes of “family”?   Every single family is different, no family is perfect. To different people the word “family” hold a unique meaning, family to some are those who are blood-related to you but to some people, family is not those blood-related people they are their close friends, the people […]

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U5 Shared Inquiry

Rubric: 4/4 Comment: You took a risk to add your voice to the conversation on the nature of family.  

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U3: Q2 In-class writing (Hamlet)

Due date: 12/07/18 Prompt: Read the following passage from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Then in a well-organized essay, analyze the literary techniques used to characterize Hamlet. Support your analysis with specific references to the passage. Grade : 5/9 Comment: Tallulah, While your writing is unfinished it does appear that you have gotten the general gist of it. […]

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APL: U2: Video Supplemental Docs

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