Sarah Sze’s Spontaneity

1) How does Sarah use improvisation and spontaneity (randomness) to create her work?:

Sarah uses improvisation in her sculptures because she takes objects around her, wherever she is in the world, and slaps then together to make something. For example, she would take things from her hotel room and use them, things from the cafe, etc. She is a very random artist because she will work on something, and when she has almost made it perfect, she changes her plan and does something else.


2) Bonakdar by Sarah Sze. 2010.



3) How was your art making process similar to Sarah’s process?

Our art process is similar to Sarah Sze’s because we pretty much moved our cardboard without a totally precise plan. We also tried to make things from the cardboard, however, similarly to Sarah, we didn’t focus too much on perfecting things, but just on using all the cardboard in an effective fashion.


4) What is your reaction to Sarah’s work? Would you call this art?

I think that her work is actually quite thought out. You really can’t just mash things together and have it work really well together. She has to get all of her materials, and categorise them in a way that they can be arranged in a orderly manner. I think that her work is definitely called art, abstract art for sure. That is because of how she can take random things, and slap them somewhere in her arrangement.



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