Government Unit – Social Studies

1.) How do you feel you did on the Government Unit?:

I think that I did pretty well, judging that I got an ME on all of the summative tests, besides the test that I got an AE, of which I cancelled out. Preceding the summative paper tests, I think I did a mediocre job on my PSA, due to the low quality, unnecessary pictures.

2.) What would you do differently next time?:

I think that next time, I would try to study more. Although I studied for the tests, I found that the majority of my notes were bad notes, due to the fact that I was mindlessly writing them, with no interest. However, I feel like if I take notes with more thoughts, I would be able to create questions to broaden my thoughts, therefor engaging me into the topic more.

3.a) What study strategies worked best for you?:

I think that a study strategy that worked was writing my notes on notecards. Although I didn’t look over them that much (main focus of using notecards.), I found that when writing on notecards, at least for me, I like to compactly write down my notes, forcing me to reread and move my words around, making me remember what I write in a more solid fashion.

3.b) What strategies didn’t work?:

A strategy that didn’t work was reading the textbook to study. Personally, I find that this unit wasn’t the most entertaining, and the textbook always holds a lot of facts that aren’t really needed. This therefor, made me reluctant to read the textbook, sometimes leaving me to guess things on the tests, which led me to a wrong answer on most of the times.

4.) Next time there is a test, how will you prepare?:

Next time we have a test, I will take more vivid note cards to study, rather than having a handful of broad, useless facts on the card. This will make me more interested in learning about the unit, which will most likely make me do better on the tests.

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