Empathy Story

Mrs. Grant:

“I’ll never wanted to call Hong Kong my home, but because my kids call it home, it’s starting to be more of home for me too.”

Mrs. Grant comes from Scotland. When she was younger, she and her friends were really wild and always broke their parents rules, but always to hang around with each other. She never really wanted to leave Scotland, but her father (also a teacher) told her that teaching in Scotland isn’t nice, so when she got the opportunity to come teach in Hong Kong, she went for it. Now she has settled here for 16 years, now with a husband and her two children.





“Just image eating ice cream on a hot summer day”

Before mentioning Ice cream, Brittany had answered fruits for her favourite dessert, but quickly switched to ice cream because she loves it in hot weather. Brittany spent her childhood in London, and she made some good friends there, but told us that the year she moved to Hong Kong, her best friend was also moving somewhere.




“I don’t know, I just love tiramisu, chocolate, caffeine, it’s perfect.”

Olivier loves playing tennis, and that’s where he has made a lot of his childhood friends. He mentioned that one of his best memories is playing doubles with a friend that he still hands out with to this day. When leaving, he returned to his SDLT seat, and subtly bragged about how good he was with programming.


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