Development of the Pecha Kucha


1. Discuss how I identified the problem:

Although I frequently bring my own lunch and snacks from home, I used to personally along with many in my school choose to purchase food from the cafeteria for lunch. Amongst students at HKIS, school food catering doesn’t have too great of a reputation. Students have told stories of finding bones and hairs in their food, all massive turn-offs. This showed the fact that the school cafeteria wasn’t very clean, and when answered by my survey, they also answered that the food quality wasn’t all that great. Compared to the quality and quantity of outside restaurants and other schools, I also realised and noted that pricing at HKIS was quite unjust and unfair. When presented with the option of finding problems, I identified food as a problem, amongst wifi and respect at HKIS. When assigned to food, I realised there was a lot of information presented which I could pick up.

2. Discuss the development process of the pecha kucha:

In class at the start of the week, we watched a video about a pecha kucha that went wrong. So for this pecha kucha, I’m trying to properly set up my presentation and include a lot of topics to give off the opinions of many of the people that I interviewed this week and the week before. Although many of them gave off answers that were quite different to each other. I think that I can easily contrast their responses and come up with an accurate representation of two different perspectives that are present at HKIS. The information gathering proved to be a little bit inconsistent because overall, not everyone that I interviewed actually always ate lunch at school, which means that some of my data is useless. However, most people have heard about or eaten a little bit of cafeteria food at HKIS.

3. Discuss the challenges and difficulties with this format:

The challenges of this format is keeping things on topic and on the ball with the pacing of the slides. Most presentations that I’ve done in the past have not been more than 3-4 minutes, but this time, with a 6 minutes presentation, it will be a lot more difficult to present. That included, I have to also prepare the slides to make sure that I have ample time for spaces to induce and empathetic feel onto my audience, our intro to programming class, and potentially a larger audience if it turns out well. It will also be a challenge to find an appropriate image to match each slide that I have, because I can only include so many pictures of the cafeteria and random people who I interviewed.

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