Python Lesson 1, Reflection

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 1.49.07 PM

Attached above is the picture of the final code which I had produced at the end of class on Friday. On Friday, we finally got to coding, and started off with easy basics. At the start, we all had to confirm that we had downloaded ‘PyCharm’ and the Python language onto our computers, of which we would be coding on. Ms. Mok gave us a quick lesson on how to write simple code. We learned about 4 different things that code is essentially made out of, 1. Variables, 2. Integers, 3. Strings, 4. Functions.

We experimented with creating simple functions to solve easy math equations, for example, 2+2=4. They seemed easy to create and copy down, but I soon realised that if you wanted the code to achieve more complicated functions, then it was a lot harder to create. I also found that if the code was longer, there was a lot more potential for errors.




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