I2P Summative: ‘The Quiz’ Final Post


Attached above are two pictures which are of my mind map and pseudo code. Together, they outline what the direct aim of my code is, along with how to choose to look to satisfy that objective within the code through simply written english language steps. (In order for the picture to work you have to open the link in a separate tab and click on the link within the text area)

Below is a video of me explaining the code behind my actual quiz, it contains a rundown of the whole code, which includes annotations for separate things if I happened not to explain it.

In the process of working on my code, I referred to just three websites along with our teacher, Ms. Mok, and her knowledge to help me overcome my challenges and properly create my code, making sure that it functions properly.


I used this website to research along with the advice that Ms. Mok gave me on global functions. Because we were just given a small tutorial in class on how to transfer variables across functions, I was a little bit unclear on what I was meant to do in order for it to work correctly. Therefore, I went on this website to teach myself how to use the global functions, which ended up working quite effectively.


The link above helped me look for what to use in order to loop my function from the end back to the start. However, once I realised that I can just use a function to loop the whole thing in order for it to work, I didn’t end up finding a need in this.


I used this link to make sure that I was using the correct syntax to close my code. Because I wanted to include multiple points of ending, all out of a loop, I was out of options for the use of syntax that we learned in class such as ‘break,’ and instead resorted to searching up and using the syntax, ‘quit().’

Inserted below is a table which discusses the different problems that I faced, and how I overcame all of them except for one due to a challenge/time constraint over the project as a whole.

Item: Test Outcome: Fixed: Date: Who:
Using Lists Pass Yes // I had to make sure that it would properly
project across my code when repeated. I didn’t know
if I had to make it global but I wanted to make sure to
include it in my overall quiz function.
Nov 21 AA
Confirmation Fail No // In the first class I had attempted to create a
way to confirm the choice of each answer, but then I
realised that it was going to take too long, and that I
didn’t know how to properly create the confirmation
loop itself.
Nov 21 AA
Input Pass Yes // It wasn’t originally working because I had
forget to input the variable the first time in the
function which didn’t let the second half of it work
Nov 21 AA
Function / Def. Pass Yes // I had originally planned to manually loop the
whole thing but then I realised that it would take way
too long to actually manually loop things around in
circles and that I’d never actually be done because
it’s an infinite loop. Then Ms. Mok taught me how to
create functions properly which I ended up doing.
Nov 28 AA/MOK
While Pass Yes // Was working when I just used basic while
I just used basic while functions. However, when I
attempted to use harder loops like when I tried to
manually loop my code, I ran into a lot of problems.
Nov 21 AA
Ending the Code Pass Yes // I wasn’t using a proper end to the code in
some parts of the code which just led to the code
repeating itself in a messy way that didn’t ever end
the code itself. Ended up searching up and learning
to use the ‘quit()’ syntax instead of ‘break’.
Nov 28 SS
Defining variables
inside the function
Pass Yes // After I looped my code using the functions, I
had no idea as to how I was meant to define the
variables properly inside the code itself. Therefor,
when I asked Ms. Mok for help, she directed me to
the proper use of the ‘global’ syntax, which is what I
used to correctly be able to score the amount of
questions incorrect per quiz.
Nov 28 MOK


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