I2P: Explore Makey Makey & Balance Board Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.02.42 PM

This is a photo that shows my code. For the majority of the class, my partner and I were problem solving on his computer. However, half-way through the class we experimented with making a keyboard, of which I do not have access to.

Basically, what went well in our code was being able to functionally set up a game involving the balance board even though it was quite primitive and had to be reset manually by the player. However, it was still a game and counted the amount of time that we spent on the board.

What didn’t go so well was finding out how to hook the code up to the balancing board, of which my partner and I spent a lot of time on. Because we were a bit lost as to how to properly connect it, we ended up using a variety of methods that didn’t really work (connecting clips to each other). But in the end, we were able to hook it up to create a function game board.

Next time, we should try to get straight to the point instead of searching for shortcuts in the code or connection via the alligator clips.



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