Act 1: Scene 1:

The three Witches meet under the thunder. They decide to meet at twilight on top of the heath.

Act 1: Scene 2:

King Duncan comes and hears of Macbeth’s great victory from an injured man. Messengers notify King Duncan on the events of the battle, and tell him that the Thane of Cawdor is dead. King Duncan then decides to grant Macbeth the title of Thane of Cawdor.

Act 1: Scene 3:

The three witches surprise Banquo and Macbeth. The witches make three prophecies for the two, and later that same day, the messengers fulfil the second prophecy that the witches foresee, Macbeth becoming the Thane of Cawdor.

Act 1: Scene 4:

All of the generals and nobles of Scotland are having a meeting. King Duncan gives his son Malcolm, the title of Prince of Cumberland. However, after hearing the prophecy, Macbeth wants to be King, which makes Malcolm shove into his way.

Act 1: Scene 5:

Macbeth’s wife receives a letter explaining Macbeth’s actions in past couple days. She hears that Macbeth and Duncan are both coming to the castle, and she summons the evil spirits within her to try and help her convince Macbeth to go and assassinate King Duncan.

Act 1: Scene 6:

Duncan and Banquo arrive at Macbeth’s castle. Lady Macbeth greets the Scots and leads them into the house.

Act 1: Scene 7:

Macbeth begins to doubt that he can find the courage inside him to kill Duncan. However, while pondering the consequences, Lady Macbeth enters the room and convinces him that they won’t fail by playing with his emotions, and that killing Duncan is a good idea, to which Macbeth then agrees.

Act 2: Scene 1:

Banquo says to his son that the night is especially black that day as a premonition. walks into the courtyard and speaks with Macbeth about his dream involving the three witches. Macbeth tells him that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and tells him that he can discuss it another time. Then, Banquo and the attendants leave the set, and Macbeth is left talking to himself about how he is seeing a bloody dagger in front of him as a hallucination. Finally, the bell signalling that the chambermaids are sleeping rings, and Macbeth enters the chamber of King Duncan.

Act 2: Scene 2:

Lady Macbeth drugs the guards to cover for Macbeth while he goes into the chamber of Duncan and kills him while he is sleeping. When he returns, he tells his wife what happened, and dwells on the thought that he just killed the King. Then, Lady Macbeth tells him to not think about it, and just go and create the crime scene, then wash himself of the blood so there is no evidence that he did it. He is too scared, and instead, his wife goes and sets the crime scene. After hearing knocking, they both escape to their chamber to act as if they were sleeping the whole time.

Act 2: Scene 3:

Lennox and Macduff arrive at the castle to greet the King, and Macbeth pretends to have woken up to their knocking at the doors. Macbeth shows Macduff to Duncan’s room. Macduff returns saying that Duncan is dead, and awakes everyone in the castle. Macbeth then goes and kills the guards to mask that their innocence. Duncan’s sons run away from the castle, and go separate ways to protect themselves.

Act 2: Scene 4:

Macbeth is crowned as King. Everyone thinks that Malcolm and Donalbain killed Duncan because they fled the castle after he died.

Act 3: Scene 1:

Macbeth talks to Macduff and Lennox, and convinces them to kill Banquo and his son because they know about the three witches’ prophecy. They agree, and leave to go and assassinate Banquo.

Act 3: Scene 2:

Lady Macbeth begins to feel a lot of guilt from knowing that they killed Duncan to become King and Queen. However, Macbeth comes and somewhat cheers her up, and lets her know that because he ordered Banquo to be killed, nobody will be in his way anymore. When she asks why he’s killing Banquo, he replies saying that knowing will hurt her.

Act 3: Scene 3:

Macbeth sends another assassin to ensure Banquo and his son get killed. They ambush Banquo, and manage to kill him, but not before Banquo can tell his son to escape into the dark countryside. The third assassin kills the other two, then leaves to report what happened to Macbeth.

Act 3: Scene 4:

Macbeth hears of what happened during the assassination. He returns to the dinner party, to hallucinate and see the ghost of Banquo sitting in his chair. Then, fearing he spills information of the murder, Lady Macbeth ushers everyone out of the party. She tells Macbeth he needs to sleep. Macbeth states that he’s going to see the weird sisters for more information on his future.

Act 3: Scene 5:

Macbeth visits the three witches. They give him three more prophecies to reassure him, 1. Be wary of Macduff. 2. Nobody born of a woman can harm him. 3. If the woods of Birnan come to his castle, he’ll be harmed. All of them being impossible, Macbeth becomes super cocky. However, the witches disappear before Macbeth can ask another question, making him mad.

Act 3: Scene 6:

Two Lords are talking about how much of a coincidence it is for Duncan and Banquo to die, and that there were many hints pointing to Macbeth actually killing Duncan. They then discuss how Malcolm has travelled to England, where he has become very close to King Edward, who is creating an army to retake Scotland.

Act 4: Scene 1:

The lords tell Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England. Macbeth says he will go to Macduff’s castle, and kill all of his family, and the people who stand in his way.

Act 4: Scene 2:

Lady Macduff is sad that her husband ran away to England, however, she is comforted by a man named Ross, who tells her not to be afraid, Ross retires and leaves the Lady and her children alone. Then a guard runs into the room and tells them to run away, then he runs away. Lady Macduff and her children stay where they are, and Macbeth’s men kill her and her children.

Act 4: Scene 3:

Macduff arrives at Malcolm’s castle. Malcolm tests his fealty to be true. Then Macduff’s servant comes and tells him that everyone in his castle has died, and Macduff becomes really sad, and swears to exact his revenge on Macbeth.

Act 5: Scene 1:

Lady Macbeth has been sleepwalking, and her servant has called a doctor to see if he can help. While inspecting her sleepwalking and talking, Lady Macbeth reveals that she participated in the murder of Duncan. The doctor fears for his own life, and decides not to tell anyone.

Act 5: Scene 2:

Scottish rebels are waiting outside the castle waiting for Malcolm’s army to come. They find out that Macbeth is holed up in his castle. Then depart for Birnan woods where the English army is looking to set up camp.

Act 5: Scene 3:

Macbeth is very rude to his servants, and turns out to be very cocky about this battle because he knows that as long as the trees in Birnan forest doesn’t come to his castle, he will be safe. The doctor comes and tells him that he can’t cure his wife, and that he is leaving.

Act 5: Scene 4:

The English army arrives at Birnan forest, and Malcolm says for each soldier to cut a branch off of each tree to use as camouflage, therefor bringing the forest to the castle gates.

Act 5: Scene 5:

Lady Macbeth commits suicide. Macbeth hears from a messenger that the Birnan forest is moving to the caste, and Macbeth realises that the three premonitions are happening. He decides if he dies, he’ll die a valiant soldier.

Act 5: Scene 6:

Macduff and Malcolm show up at the castle, and take off their disguises. Then they depart to attack.

Act 5: Scene 7:

Macbeth is still cocky because of the 3rd Premonition. A young man comes to fight him, and he kills the man with ease.

Act 5: Scene 8:

Macduff shows up to fight Macbeth, and Macbeth is super cocky and says that no man born of a woman can kill him. Then Macduff states that he was ripped from his mother’s womb. Then Macduff kills Macbeth and gives the crown of Scotland to Malcolm.

Tuff Time #4: 26/3/15

1. In realising that Cherry has green eyes what does this signify for PB and his understanding of the world?

I think that this signifies to Ponyboy that he has a lot in common with her, as neither of them completely accept their background and want to meld into it. He states earlier in the book that he hates people with green eyes, although he in fact has them. I think this connects to Cherry, because after ranting to her about how she is higher than the greasers, he notices’ her green eyes. I think that this changes his understanding of the world because it shows that you can forgive the people that you hate.

2. Write about what you understand about Cherry’s line “I could fall in love with Dallas Winston, I hope I never see him again or I will?”

I think it means that Cherry admires people who are better than everybody else, and are the best at what they do. She states earlier that she admires Dallas, even before she met him because of the his legacy that the socs discussed. She also says that she loved Bob because he had a way of making people admire him, of which she did.

Tuff Time #3: 26/3/15

1. What is the difference between Cherry the Soc and Cherry the dreamer:

Cherry the Soc is more self centered, and therefor more unknown to us as we haven’t really experienced much of her. For example when she told Ponyboy to leave her alone. However, I find that Cherry the Soc is a cover for her real identity which is Cherry the dreamer. I feel like she seems to see everybody as the same, in a way that she will respect all people the same, greaser or soc.

2. Are Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally heroes? Why? Why not?:

I think that they are heroes because a criminal record shouldn’t cover up the good things that you’ve done in life. When they saved the school children, they put themselves in danger, and took a chance of dying in the flames, which evidently resulted in Johnny being critically injured, and Dally ousted.

2. How do we know that Darry does truly care for Ponyboy?:

I think that we know Darry cares for Ponyboy because in all of the times that he hasn’t shown regard for Pony, he always wants the best for him. Ponyboy doesn’t realise that the reason Darry gets so mad at him when he comes home late, or gets in danger is because Darry doesn’t want him to get hurt, and doesn’t want to lose his brother like he lost his parents. We can see this when he comes back to the hospital, and they reunite. Darry starts crying because although he didn’t cry when his parents died, he didn’t want to have to keep in his feelings on the inside anymore, and has had enough of covering up.

Tuff Time #2: 23/3/15

1: Why to you think Johnny killed Bob?:

I think that Johnny killed Bob primarily for the reason of saving Ponyboy, however, I feel that his decision was highly impacted by his impulse for revenge when the Socs beat him up.

2: What could have been some alternatives?:

I think that if Johnny had been thinking straight, and less blindly, he would have either pushed Bob into the fountain, or stabbed him in a place that wouldn’t have killed him, but hurt him still. He could have also run away, which I think he would have done if he was still the same scared kid that he was at the start of the novel. With the knife, I feel that Johnny finally started to push himself, and felt that it wasn’t necessary to stay hiding, and afraid of the Socs.

3: What do you think Ponyboy and Johnny’s situation prompter Ponyboy’s recitation of “Nothing Gold Can Stay?”:

I think that Ponyboy recited the poem because the poem means that at the start, everything is green in nature, which is perfect, but at the end, everything starts to become rotten, and all the leaves change colours. In their situation, Johnny and Ponyboy used to be the most pure in the group, and they rarely hit people with weapons, and were too scared to hold them, however, after Johnny killed Bob, they started to feel like the purity they lived through had come to an end, and that they were becoming dark people.

4: Who is innocent? Who has experience? (Including all characters):

I think that the most innocent person in the book is still Ponyboy, however, I think that I could also include Cherry in this list. However, I feel like Cherry has the most experience out of all of the introduced characters. Although she appears very innocent, I think that since she used to date Bob, she must’ve been exposed to a lot of nasty things that he’s done. While talking the Ponyboy, she says that she hates fights, which means she must’ve been exposed to them before, making her hate them a lot. As exposed at the end of chapter 5, now she’s a spy for the Greasers, meaning that she’s now seen the best of both sides of the gang war. Another person who has experience is Dally, because as the book constantly says, he cares for his family, and at a young age, he is the caretaker of his two younger brothers.

Tuff Time #1: 19/3/15

1: Are the Socs and Greasers really that different? Why? Why not?:

In my opinion, I think that the socs and the greasers are a lot more different than the character named ‘Cherry’ says. Although I can recognise the similarities, such as going to school and a certain admiration for different things. I feel that the Socs, as individuals or small groups act in a way that shows that they don’t care about anything, and don’t ever think about the people that they cause harm. However, the Greasers as a group on the other hand, are a lot more hesitant in their actions, and do things that are more based on self defence, despite the few greasers that are very rebellious and ritually do bad things which land them in jail.

2: Are there any connection you can make to any of the characters and/or their situation?:

Personally, I feel that a connection I can hold with Ponyboy is that sometimes I can feel really unwanted, but not in a sense where you think people don’t care for you, but in the sense that at that given moment in time, you just aren’t wanted, and the people around you don’t want you there. In the book, Ponyboy feels like one of his brothers, Sodapop, is really kind to him, and always sticks up for his younger brother. However, Pony feels like his oldest brother, Darry, doesn’t care about him at all, and wishes that he wasn’t there, superficially at least. That’s where I can also connect, my oldest brother is sometimes neglectful of me, but my sister is always there to stick up for me, and if I ever get in trouble, my sister will always be there to help me feel better.


Working with grammar this year, we first visited a website called ‘Flocabulary’, where the creators make raps to teach grammar. The rap we listed to us talked about ‘Active vs. Passive voice’, the difference being that ‘Active Voice’ is subject before verb, and that ‘Passive Voice’ is verb before subject. For example, an ‘Active Voice’ sentence would sound like, “Alex is washing the dishes.” ‘Passive would sound like, “The dishes are being washed by Alex.”


-Commas- 22nd of September, 2014

Today we learned that there are specific places where you need to put a comma, and that sometimes they are unnecessary. A good place to use commas is when you are making a list, liking two sentences(However, you need a conjunction between to do that.), and when you more then one adjective to categorise a noun.

A part where you shouldn’t use commas is after the conjunction in a linked sentence, when not even using a conjunction to link two sentences, and trying to connect two sentences that have nothing to do with each other.

An Example of where to use a comma includes:

1)  To ensure my cookies taste good, I use 15 grams of salt.

2) Toby gave me a popsicle, an ice cream cone, and a lollipop.

3) Lets go eat out, Mom!

-Dialogue Punctuation- 7th of October, 2014

Today we learned about how to punctuate Dialogue. Beyond our lasting knowledge of quotation marks, we learned that after quotation marks, you need to put a comma if you continue and have the next letter lower-case unless it’s ‘I’ or a person.

Example: “Go home,” John shouted, “I don’t want you here!”

We also learned to always keep the punctuation relating to the speech, within the quotation marks. Lastly, we learned that when someone talks, you need to hit ‘tab’ and create a new paragraph.

-Different Types of Sentences- 16th of October, 2014

Simple sentences always have a subject and a verb, and needs to state a complete thought/action

Compound Sentences have two independent clauses, connected by any of the FANBOYS. In other words two sentences combined through a transition word.

Complex Sentences are also two different clauses, along with another subordinate clause. You use the subordinate clause at the start or the end to add information to the story. The subordinate clause can’t be split into two parts. If at the start, the subordinating conjunction needs to have a comma at the end to separate the clauses with the subordinate clause. If the subordinate clause is in the end, you don’t need a comma. If in the middle, then subordinate clause needs a comma at the start, and end of the phrase. To make a complex sentence, you can start with two adjectives, start with a word ending with ‘ly’, you can have an ing word, have a prepositional phrase at the start, or you can place your subordinating clause.



Tenses Table 2


Q1 Writing Goal:

To get at least 4 words onto my word wall per book, recording them on my word wall. I will outline the first 4 words on my word wall by bolding the word.

Q1 Reading Goal:

To read at least one book per week. Will put the date under my title on each book, and if there is a 7 day gap I will have failed. To get books, I will regularly ask peers, and also teachers for good book recommendations.

Q1 Goals Presentation Graded

Q2 Writing Goal:

Write an essay of choice reaching the size of at least one standard word document. To document this I will create a folder on my desktop where these will go. By the end of the Quarter I will have at least 7 essays, one per week.

Q2 Reading Goal:

I will read books which are challenging for me, or at least reaching challenging. To find proper books, I will ask my parents, teachers, and some peers for recommendations. To check this I will bold the books that I thought were challenging in my reading log.

Q2 Goals Presentation Graded

Quarter 2 Smart Goals Alexander Achcar Presentation

Q2 Work Habits Alexander Achcar

Q3 Writing Goal:

I will continue my Q2 Goal, however, I will write only 1 essay every 2 weeks, making the amount of essays I need to write be at least 3 1/2 by the end of the quarter. I will check these by making a folder on my desktop titled ‘Q3 Essays’.

Q3 Reading Goal:

I will add 10 Words per book to my word wall. I won’t just choose words that I am not aware of, but I will also choose words that are interesting to me. I will check my words by putting them onto my word wall, and titling the book at the head of the words.

Q3 Goals Presentation Graded

Q4 Reading Goal:

My reading goal for quarter 4 is to read 9 books by the end of the quarter. I will be able to measure this by recording them on my reading log after adding a black bar to state that the following books are quarter 4. 

Q4 Writing Goal:

My writing goal for quarter four is to take a topic that we have been learning about in another class, either historical or scientific, and write a paragraph summarising what that is. This will help me learn how to write informational paragraphs, while not continuing the same goal as the previous two quarters. I will check these by having one big word document containing all of these paragraphs, which will be located on my desktop. I will write 1 every week. 

Q4 Goals Presentation Graded

Work Habits


In LA this year so far, we have been experimenting with many different stories written by ‘World Renown’ Authors. We have taken their stories and organised them using a Story Tracker, outlining the Introduction, First Event through Third Event, and the Conclusion. We are also making sure that we understand a point out of our own stories which we have been writing, based on the stories we have been reading as a class. We have been writing the stories in our Journals, and recently, started working on good and effective Hooks and Conclusion.

Writing Formative Re-Graded

Writing Summative Graded Alexander Achcar


Link to ‘Legalize it Persuasive Essay Jigsaw’

Link to ‘Argument Paper Persuasive Essay Jigsaw’

Obesity:Junk Food Summative Graded Alexander Achcar

EHIC Summaries Graded

The Outsiders Essay Graded


Reading Log



I Confess Story Tracker

The Follower Story Tracker

Popularity Questions Formative Assessment.

Popularity Formative Rubric Graded

My First Conk Reading Formative

Chinese Cinderella Reading Summative Graded

Graded Rubric for PSA Video

Formative Reading for ‘America the Not-so-beautiful’

Reading Summate ‘Reading Literature’ Alexander Achcar

Post It Notes in Categories

Book Talk Traits of Conversation Graded

Best Post-it Notes Graded


Persuasion Reading Summative Graded

Early Bicycles Reading Summative Graded