Photo on 11-9-14 at 9.09 AM

My Sketchbook was created using 10 pages of paper, and two hard pieces of paper. I first put the pages together, then surrounded them with the hard pages to make the book itself. Then I took some string and stitched the pages all together.

I think that it is very important to create your own sketchbook rather than buying one, firstly because it’s unique to you only. If you create your own book you will grow a lot more attached to it, judging that you created the book yourself. Next, I think that it is important because you get to learn how to use small skills like hammering and stitching.

To change the design, I feel like I’d add a little bit of a stronger binding, because I feel that the string might not be enough to hold the book together, esspecially when you out a lot of stress onto the cable.