Unit 2: Final ShadowBox


2) I have based my story on the ideology of feng-shui, and how all houses must have windows facing the mountains and the water, so that dragons can pass through freely. My box shows a room, with a dragon passing through and exiting from the window. The dragon gets into the house because he needs to pass, and the cat (not shown) opens the window on the other side of the house for him to pass through.

3) Similarity A: It shows an animal that assumes the fore/middle ground, making it the central topic.

Similarity B: My shadow box uses two light sources, however, one of the light sources is shining brighter in the box.

Difference A: I don’t have many layers in my box, making it not very detailed. Furthermore, the layers force the light to rivet through the paper making the box look very intricate.

Difference B: I didn’t cut many holes into my paper layers, making the light echo around the box a lot less compared to Hari and Deepti’s work. This made my box a little boring, and fairly dark.

4) I think that an area of success was my plan, because I feel like it was pretty good, and made sense, however, this made my box a bit boring because I had to make my box contain more furniture, kinda cluttering my foreground. An area of improvement is in organising my layers, and making them shine with light in places that need them, and be more dim in places that don’t need them.