Unit 4: Ceramic Lantern

1. Picture:

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2. First, to create my lantern I had to create the base of the actual walls. That was the slab of clay that I had to roll into a circular form to get another slab on top of it. To do this, I took a large slab and rolled it out to try and get a fair sized wall. Then, I cut a portion of the wall out every other centimeter. Sticking it on, I realised that I had a lot of extra clay to work with. Therefor, I was able to take roll that extra clay, along with some other clay to form another wall which I purposefully made thin. I then used this to create a cottage styled roof.

3. In my opinion, the most important part of my pot was being able to get a thick enough slab to create the walls of my pot. This was really important because if the walls were to thin, then when I cut my wholes out, then the wall would collapse and fall apart, breaking the entire pot.

Unit 4: Pot Final

Photo on 4-12-14 at 8.34 AMPhoto on 12-12-14 at 8.20 AM #2Photo on 12-12-14 at 8.20 AM #3

1. My project is based off of a greek pot called a Kylix. I started building the pot by it’s base, to ensure that it could be strong enough to hold the top part, which was inevitably going to be heavy. I think that the research on Greek and Chinese pots helped because it gave me an idea of the different things that a pot can hold/do to make it function efficiently.

2. I think that my pot represented me because it was unique in the sense that nobody made a pot that was too similar to mine, making it purely based off of the kylix, and my own imagination. It was also based off of a tray that we have in our house, having indents every other space on the tray, making it ideal for holding fruits.

3. I think that it isn’t really a representation of modern day art because it doesn’t really serve a purpose of doing much other than carrying simple foods.

4. I think that it’s an interpretation of the Kylix, because even though I took it as my main example, my pot was more of a taller, skinnier based tray pot. I wouldn’t call it an imitation because as I said, it looks very different, and compared to greek pots, i’m attempting to use it for a different purpose.

5. I think that to make my work different, I’d make it a bit taller and give it a more curvy, wine glass look to make it easier to either carry liquids, or even simple foods.

In-Progress Pot Report

Photo on 20-11-14 at 8.08 AM                                                                    Photo on 20-11-14 at 8.07 AM                           I think that I am basically done with my project, however, I’d like to reinforce the bottom of the elevated plate just to make sure that it wont break and fall. After seeing another project similar to mine break, I feel like it would be better if I made a more even bottom to the top, weight-wise.