Reflection Post

I learned that depending on the identity of a person, usually associated with gender or (and) nationality, they will act differently, either really sensitive, or not sensitive at all. For example, in one case, someone was very sensitive about an issue of prejudice regarding sexism, because of her gender, and of how she thought it affected the world (as far as I understood). I think that my opinion has changed a lot because before, I thought that prejudice was a way that someone could hurt you, however, now I understand that prejudice is when someone has done or said something that has hurt you.


1.) How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?

I think that if you fit yourself into the stereotype of the race that you are under, then you will be judged on how that race acts. However, if you see yourself as someone who is the same as everyone else, regardless of race, you, along with all of the people around you will think the same.

2.) To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

I think that depending on how you see yourself, you will make choices with regard to how others will view you doing it. For example, if you are a really fat person, surrounded by other fat people, you won’t mind about your eating habits, but if you’re around people who are all skinny/fit, then you’ll try to act differently, to detach yourself from the category of just another fat kid.

Government Unit – Social Studies

1.) How do you feel you did on the Government Unit?:

I think that I did pretty well, judging that I got an ME on all of the summative tests, besides the test that I got an AE, of which I cancelled out. Preceding the summative paper tests, I think I did a mediocre job on my PSA, due to the low quality, unnecessary pictures.

2.) What would you do differently next time?:

I think that next time, I would try to study more. Although I studied for the tests, I found that the majority of my notes were bad notes, due to the fact that I was mindlessly writing them, with no interest. However, I feel like if I take notes with more thoughts, I would be able to create questions to broaden my thoughts, therefor engaging me into the topic more.

3.a) What study strategies worked best for you?:

I think that a study strategy that worked was writing my notes on notecards. Although I didn’t look over them that much (main focus of using notecards.), I found that when writing on notecards, at least for me, I like to compactly write down my notes, forcing me to reread and move my words around, making me remember what I write in a more solid fashion.

3.b) What strategies didn’t work?:

A strategy that didn’t work was reading the textbook to study. Personally, I find that this unit wasn’t the most entertaining, and the textbook always holds a lot of facts that aren’t really needed. This therefor, made me reluctant to read the textbook, sometimes leaving me to guess things on the tests, which led me to a wrong answer on most of the times.

4.) Next time there is a test, how will you prepare?:

Next time we have a test, I will take more vivid note cards to study, rather than having a handful of broad, useless facts on the card. This will make me more interested in learning about the unit, which will most likely make me do better on the tests.

Occupy Hong Kong: Current Events


1. Students in Hong Kong are currently protesting for Universal Suffrage, as well as the removal of Chief Executive C.Y Leung. They are occupying the main streets of Central, making half of Hong Kong, currently impassable, clogging traffic in other parts of the city. Even though many people are pro-protest, the reputation has gone down as business and economy in Hong Kong has come to a slow. The people of Hong Kong have come to call the protests the Umbrella Revolution, as when the police used tear gas to clear crowds, people stuck out umbrellas and it became a strong symbol for the people.

I chose to use this link:    This is because I wanted to learn a bit more about the background of Chief Executive C.Y Leung.

2. I think that the students should be able to continue protesting, because it really is for the better of Hong Kong’s future, however, I think that they shouldn’t keep holding the streets because they are clogging the city, and blocking main roads. For example, since the main site of the protest is in Central , the lead up to the Cross Harbour Tunnel in blocked, making it harder to cross to Kowloon. Also, the Admiralty MTR was blocked for a couple days, as well as MTR stations in Mong Kok, and Causeway Bay. I support the movement because I feel that if Hong Kong doesn’t get democracy, then over time Hong Kong will become more of Chinese Territory, and it won’t be different than any other Chinese city (Shanghai or Beijing etc.).

3. I am still a bit confused, and would like to learn about who is funding all of the supplies that go around the protests, as I went there a couple days ago, I noticed that food, candy, water, diapers, tissue boxes, and lots of other essentials are passed around, as well as medic tents placed along the streets. I would also like to learn about what C.Y Leung thinks about the protests, because he hasn’t expressed his opinion besides saying that the students should get off the streets. I am a bit confused about whether or not people have to answer to civic/academic duties while protesting, because as the evidence states, this is a student protest, and most of the protesters are students, but shouldn’t they be in class?

4. I think that to answer these questions, I would have to dig really deep, because I’ve already visited the protests, however, I think that maybe if I wanted to look deeper I could ask the people who hand out the supplies to learn more about their sources. However, since the protests are decaying, I don’t think it’ll be that easy to look around now.

G8 SS Unit 1 Summary Alexander Achcar

1.      This unit in Social Studies I think that I learned a lot. To start, I think this because of my KTW chart which has a lot of taught things, and there are still more that I can remember. However, I feel that some of the part that we studied were a little bit of a waste of time because they weren’t engaging and fun, and (or) they didn’t really apply to the test.

2.A    What I said: I hope the future units have more geography because I find it fun, and not too hard as well. I hope we have less doll investigation, because I found that to be quite boring, and I think some of my peers would agree with me.

2.B    I wrote this because I feel like I am good at Geography, and find it fun, especially because of the interaction and movement in the classroom. I wrote that the doll writing was boring because it wasn’t really something that intrigued me, and I found it really boring to fill out.

3.      I got placed in First Nations League, however, I was put in bronze because my work habits were really bad. To be honest, I think that to improve my work habits, I just need to talk less. According to the comments on my paper, I shouldn’t try to involve myself as much because I think I get really annoying sometimes.

4.      One strategy that didn’t work was trying to get my teammates to do each their own parts then split them as a group. However, a strategy that did work was getting each member to do the same things, then collaborating to maximise our knowledge on the set part.

5.      I think that my goal for the second unit is to work harder on homework assignments, and actually finish them when they are given, rather then saving them for the day before, and forgetting about them. Also, I think that I need to stop talking, and only talk when asked to.