G8 SS Unit 1 Summary Alexander Achcar

1.      This unit in Social Studies I think that I learned a lot. To start, I think this because of my KTW chart which has a lot of taught things, and there are still more that I can remember. However, I feel that some of the part that we studied were a little bit of a waste of time because they weren’t engaging and fun, and (or) they didn’t really apply to the test.

2.A    What I said: I hope the future units have more geography because I find it fun, and not too hard as well. I hope we have less doll investigation, because I found that to be quite boring, and I think some of my peers would agree with me.

2.B    I wrote this because I feel like I am good at Geography, and find it fun, especially because of the interaction and movement in the classroom. I wrote that the doll writing was boring because it wasn’t really something that intrigued me, and I found it really boring to fill out.

3.      I got placed in First Nations League, however, I was put in bronze because my work habits were really bad. To be honest, I think that to improve my work habits, I just need to talk less. According to the comments on my paper, I shouldn’t try to involve myself as much because I think I get really annoying sometimes.

4.      One strategy that didn’t work was trying to get my teammates to do each their own parts then split them as a group. However, a strategy that did work was getting each member to do the same things, then collaborating to maximise our knowledge on the set part.

5.      I think that my goal for the second unit is to work harder on homework assignments, and actually finish them when they are given, rather then saving them for the day before, and forgetting about them. Also, I think that I need to stop talking, and only talk when asked to.