Reflection Post

Of the course of the unit my perception/definition of the words: racism, prejudice, stereotypes, and identity have been changed exponentially. At the beginning of the unit I thought that racism and prejudice was not present in my life, but now I realise that it is as present in my life as is speech because a lot of the time whenever I talk to a person either me or them make a stereotypical remark about a certain race, gender, and other defining parts of your external identity or what is above the iceberg. I say this because even though it is not traits such as race or gender that make up your identity it is sometimes what other people think makes up you identity. For example. A class mate of mine told a story about his or her mother experiencing extreme sexism and I realised how common things like this occurred in work environments (Did you know that there are more CEO’s with the name john than there are women CEO’s). This is one example of stereotypes and prejudice on a very high level.

  1. How does race shape the way we see ourselves and others?                                                                                                                                             Race shapes mostly the way others see us which in turn through society, social networking, the internet, and peer pressure  shapes the way we see ourselves. But if you disregard this process race shapes us by pre-determining are stature and success or at least this is the view of your average white person in the 1980’s.

  2. To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?                                                                                                                      They shape are decisions because sometimes race can either give you confidence and sometimes it can make you unsure of yourself.

Tuff Times

19/03.2015: Today we read chapter 4 and some big things happened. For Example: PonyBoy talks to Cherry who is a Soc the enemy gang of the greasers of which PonyBoy is a member. I believe the author wants us to realise that there is not that much different between Soc’s and the Greasers. Another Big Event the occurred during this chapter was when the Soc’s in the Blue Mustang stopped PonyBoy, Two-Bit, Johnny, Cherry, and Marcia and PonyBoy realised that it was the same mustang that the Soc’s that jumped Johnny road in.

I can sort of connect to what PonyBoy is feeling right now which I believe is disbelief as he it is occurring to him that there might not be so much different between the Soc’s and the Greasers. As once or twice in my life I have had a sworn enemy who turned out to have a lot in common with me and seemed to be a pretty cool person.


1. I think Johnny killed Bob for multiple reasons. 1: I think that he hates Bob because of the beating he gave him, but who can blame him. 2: I believe he was really scared for his and Ponyboy’s lives. 3: He did it by accident and was just trying to threaten them so that the would be scared away.

2. He could have threatened to stab Bob to scare them away. He could have tried to save Bob by stopping the bleeding and maybe getting him to a hospital.

3. I think he said that because Johnny life although not good was not as bad as it can get before he killed the Soc named Bob. And now that he killed him the time is over and he is losing most of which that has value to him.

4. I think that Ponyboy is innocent because he did not actually do anything other that nearly get drowned by the Soc’s and that is definitely not a crime. I think that Johnny is actually hiding his main motive for killing Bob.


1. I think Cherries motives are unknown right now and why she is helping the Ponyboy and his gang is kind of blurry right now. She could be helping them for any number of reasons, but I suspect it is because she is hiding something. Something Big.

2. I think that in some respect Ponyboy, Dallas , and Johnny are hero’s but that doesn’t mean that they are true hero’s because they have done bad things and made extreme mistakes.

3. Yes I think Darry does care, and I think he always cared. But I think that Ponyboy didn’t know it because Darry was extra hard on him and he thought it was because he disliked him other than just wanting him to succeed in life.



1. I think she see’s what she saw in Bob in him as she says near the end of chapter 8. She see’s a leading quality that makes her see him differently. Bob had a good side and a bad side even though Bob showed only his bad side to Ponyboy and Johnny.

2. I think he judges people by there eyes and now that he realises that Cherry Valance has green eyes and in some way that I don’t understand right now it affects the way he see’s her. We will find out how it affects his opinion of her in more detail later on in the book. One can also realise that Ponyboy’s Gang has darker coloured eyes and for some reason I think that he trusts cherry more because her eyes are a similar colour to his or his brothers eyes.

Government Unit-Social Studies

How do you feel you did on the government unit? (Include PSA)

I think I did okay there were multiple occasions where things could have been done to raise my grade for example. Although I did notes for all my tests I only submitted chapter 6 notes even though I got a DE on those particular notes. This was just laziness on my part. But overall I feel that I mastered a lot of the skills, but some of my weakness came into play for example my weakness when it comes to writing.

What would you do differently next time?

I would probably review my essays more thoroughly and I would defiantly turn in my notes on the chapters after chapter 6.

What study strategies worked best for you?

My study strategy was real time paraphrasing which is when you paraphrases sections of a document right after you read that particular section so you will paraphrase lots of information while reading the document. This strategy was really effective for memorising the knowledge but not as much so for interpreting.

What strategies didn’t work?

On one test I did not study at all and although I got and ME I guessed most of the questions.

Next Time there is a test how will you prepare?

I will prepare with real time paraphrasing the document and then reviewing my paraphrases.