Backpack Challenge

During our short 50 minute class period. We were divided into 3 different groups. Then we were asked to build backpacks. My group was confused at first, but then once we got the materials to build the backpack we just dived in and started working on it. We started with a basic outline for the backpack and then developed it as we went. This is how the design process is supposed to work.


Class 2: Robot Game

As the robot I felt like I had less control than usual, But I did not feel helpless because there was no real thing stopping me from doing what I wanted to do. There were times where I just sat there doing nothing because my team did not have the appropriate commands. This got me thinking about how many commands are necessary for a robot to successfully complete any given task.




This is an image of the Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas that I found on google images after using Label Filters.

Intro to Programming: Day 1

During the first Intro to Programming class we looked at the course overview and did introductions. The course seems to be interesting because it is focusing a lot on problem solving. This problem solving works into the course because programming is about understanding problems so that you can adequately describe the problem in a program. I was initially interested in this class because I wanted to expand my understanding of programming, but now I realise that this course is not focused on programming. During the two truths and a lie exercise Adish Patel three statements were 1. Never broken a bone in his body 2. Has gone Paragliding Before 3. Has gone skydiving before. His lie was number 2.