Government Unit-Social Studies

How do you feel you did on the government unit? (Include PSA)

I think I did okay there were multiple occasions where things could have been done to raise my grade for example. Although I did notes for all my tests I only submitted chapter 6 notes even though I got a DE on those particular notes. This was just laziness on my part. But overall I feel that I mastered a lot of the skills, but some of my weakness came into play for example my weakness when it comes to writing.

What would you do differently next time?

I would probably review my essays more thoroughly and I would defiantly turn in my notes on the chapters after chapter 6.

What study strategies worked best for you?

My study strategy was real time paraphrasing which is when you paraphrases sections of a document right after you read that particular section so you will paraphrase lots of information while reading the document. This strategy was really effective for memorising the knowledge but not as much so for interpreting.

What strategies didn’t work?

On one test I did not study at all and although I got and ME I guessed most of the questions.

Next Time there is a test how will you prepare?

I will prepare with real time paraphrasing the document and then reviewing my paraphrases.

Charlie Grinnan Unit 1 Reflection

Summarise your learning: Throughout these two units I have learned mainly about one thing, boundaries pieces of land separated in different areas by either physical features, climate zones, vegetation zones, or cultural regions I have learned that physical features, climate zones, and vegetation zones all have huge effects on how people separated by culture, live in there different regions for example if a tribe is set up near the ocean it is likely that they will get most of there food from the ocean in for of fish, crabs, and clams.

Share and Explain at least on answer from the quiz: “I think it was the dolls because it was fun to try and guess where the tribe that made the dolls lived.” I thought that the dolls where the funnest thing to do because of the fact that at the end of looking through the textbook and gaining knowledge about specific tribes and there doll makers we go to guess the general location of the tribe based on the knowledge we accumulated and 2 pictures of the area that were given to us and I personally thought that was cool.

What level Badge did MR. Pierce Award you?: He awarded me the Senaca badge which means I have room to improve and work harder to increase my badge level before the end of the semester. Overall I agree with his decision to place me in Senaca because if I do not work harder I will most likely end up with AE’s on my report card.

Identify one learning strategy that did not work last semester: This semester I have tried to do all the work/studying on the night before it is due or I have the test obviously this is not a very effective learning strategy, but you know what they say bad habits die hard. But as the year progresses I hope to begin to develop other learning strategies.

Specific Learning Goal for unit 2: American Revolution: I hope to begin to study a week or two before the test rather then the day or two before. I will achieve this by staying after school at least once the week before the test to get the help of Mr. Pierce and develop a study guide that I can use to study.

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Iroquois League Badge


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Occupy Hong Kong Movement

Charlie Grinnan, Core: A, 8/10/2014

I will look at the contrast between the opinions of the South China Morning Post and the Washington Post on the Occupy Hong Kong movement. With information from the South China Morning Post I have written this article on the protests. What is the Occupy Central Movement or as some might say The Umbrella Revolution. It is a protest/movement for Universal Suffrage, what this would do is push Hong Kong towards more Democratic Politic’s because universal suffrage consists of the extension of the right to vote to adult citizens (Universal Suffrage) . This would make Hong Kong more Democratic because it would give the adult citizens of Hong Kong the right to vote for political figures such as the chief executive and the councilmen. This will also allow citizens to vote on key decisions that might effect there life.

Beijing is willing to allow one person one vote for chief executives, but there is a committee that choses who goes on the ballet and it is believed that this committee is controlled by Beijing and the communist party. Therefor voting is almost a technicality because  no matter who you vote for it is likely that they will enforce the rules that the communist party approves and this is the partly the reason that people are protesting. Although there is uncertainty it is believed that the real reason that people are protesting is because Beijing has agreed that in 50 years they will have complete power, but until then it will not have a impact on the politics of Hong Kong, and protesters and citizens believe that Beijing is violating that agreement with this committee. The protestors want to push the Chinese government out of Hong Kong politics.

What is the difference between this paragraph summarising the reason given for the protests by the South China Morning Post and the Opinions of the Washington post so far what I have seen is that they are more focused on the financial effects of like a group of tours that was canceled because of the protest resulting in a loss of short term revenue for hong kong’s booming travel companies which had a small effect of the stock index. Another thing that the post talks about is the fact that since people are blocking up the streets and malls labourers are having a hard time getting to work. The fact is this has angered them and as the protest went on the Anti-Occupy Hong Kong protests have gone been gaining power and support. Now the Anti-Occupy Hong Kong movement is so powerful that they have torn down most of the Protesters forts that were blocking the roads. This has caused the stock index to recover and the support for protest and number of protesters to decrease.