Backpack Challenge

During our short 50 minute class period. We were divided into 3 different groups. Then we were asked to build backpacks. My group was confused at first, but then once we got the materials to build the backpack we just dived in and started working on it. We started with a basic outline for the backpack and then developed it as we went. This is how the design process is supposed to work.


Charlies Hut Post_Tech 3D

End Product:
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.24.08 am
There are many aspect’s of the picture that might immediately pop out as flaws and mistakes, But they are not all so. Some are specifically placed to make the environment seem more other – worldly.

Collaborative Process:
This project was in-fact a very collaborative project. Although as we neared the project deadline it, became less collaborative because you were working to improve the project not change it. During the first classes designated to the Hut we created a brainstorming environment on Padlet:
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.33.26 am
This is where we shared ideas for what are Hut could be could be these ideas included. On a Cloud, the Moon, a Wave, and many other ideas. During these first couple days we worked on deciding what environment we wanted are Hut to be in. Some people drew, some designed there ideas in Photoshop. The most recent class activity related to the project that we have done is share are half-developed projects with the class.

Idea Development Process:
My idea development process was actually pretty simple. I was set of having the moon as the environment, and only made minor changes to the images I was using. But others processes were much more bumpy in the way that they switched around there ideas a lot because they realised the environment did not fit the Hut.
Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.55.28 am
I did move the hut for where it was to make it fit into the environment better.

Technical Process:
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.56.58 am
The Biggest technical difficulty I encountered was creating stars. For the starry background I had to use noise which is tricky because it creates way to many visible stars. To solve this I used blue and made the layer more opaque.

I am afraid that the moon gets to dark just before you hit the horizon. This creates contrast that might ruin the environment.
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.25.48 am
(As seen above)

What skills can I gained?
I now understand how to blur object in a more precise and technical way. I have learned to create decent lighting effects. I can now to manipulate that noise of an image to the level of a intermediate.

End Product:
I am not really satisfied with the imagery and technical skill I used to work on the image and environment.
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.24.08 am

Charlie Grinnan Unit 1 Reflection

Summarise your learning: Throughout these two units I have learned mainly about one thing, boundaries pieces of land separated in different areas by either physical features, climate zones, vegetation zones, or cultural regions I have learned that physical features, climate zones, and vegetation zones all have huge effects on how people separated by culture, live in there different regions for example if a tribe is set up near the ocean it is likely that they will get most of there food from the ocean in for of fish, crabs, and clams.

Share and Explain at least on answer from the quiz: “I think it was the dolls because it was fun to try and guess where the tribe that made the dolls lived.” I thought that the dolls where the funnest thing to do because of the fact that at the end of looking through the textbook and gaining knowledge about specific tribes and there doll makers we go to guess the general location of the tribe based on the knowledge we accumulated and 2 pictures of the area that were given to us and I personally thought that was cool.

What level Badge did MR. Pierce Award you?: He awarded me the Senaca badge which means I have room to improve and work harder to increase my badge level before the end of the semester. Overall I agree with his decision to place me in Senaca because if I do not work harder I will most likely end up with AE’s on my report card.

Identify one learning strategy that did not work last semester: This semester I have tried to do all the work/studying on the night before it is due or I have the test obviously this is not a very effective learning strategy, but you know what they say bad habits die hard. But as the year progresses I hope to begin to develop other learning strategies.

Specific Learning Goal for unit 2: American Revolution: I hope to begin to study a week or two before the test rather then the day or two before. I will achieve this by staying after school at least once the week before the test to get the help of Mr. Pierce and develop a study guide that I can use to study.

Add one picture and one link:

Iroquois League Badge


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