Reading Blog 18-21

Book # Words: Date:

Title: Crocodile Tears Author: Anothony Horowitz

Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type:

• Opening Sentence:Ravi Chandra was becoming a rich man.

• Favourite word / phrase / sentence: The bus was slowing down.

• Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:
Fluorescent- Bright colored
LOCA- Loss of Coolant Accident

• Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: I thought this book was very deep and a very active story since

PBL Plan March 2-6

Continue building the solar panel and full charge battery.

Try if iPhone will charge from the solar energy.
Attach electrical transformer

Make solar panel charger fully operational

Friday: Make final touches

PBL Plan for Feb 23-27

-Starting planning essay and write 1st paragraph
-Finalize Research about how to build solar panel charger
-Start assembling pieces

-Continue essay and write 2nd paragraph
-Build solar panel charger

-Complete solar panel charger and test
-Finish 3rd paragraph of essay.

Rube Goldberg

In our video we showed
-Magnetic Energy
-Potential Energy
-Motion Energy
-Kinetic Energy
-Sound Energy

Our Rube Goldberg first started off where I shot and magnet at the magnetic car. The magnetic car rolled down the ramp and then it hit a roll of duck tap and the duct tape hit the soccer ball which rolled down and hit a chain of dominos that shut down my computer.

Reading Log 16-17

Book # Words:116832 Date: 12/29/14

Title: Homeland Author: Cory Doctorow

Genre ~ Fiction Type: Cyberpunk

• Opening Sentence:Attending burning man made me simultaneously one of the most photographed people on the planet and one of the least surveilled humans in the modern world.

• Favourite word / phrase / sentence:”Where to start?”

• Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition:
Curlicue noun. decorative design
Cadence noun. rhythmical effect
Yogi noun. high spiritual being

• Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: This dystopian novel about current surveillance societies is a sequel to the book Little Brother. This book had a lot less tense conflicts and things were a lot more predictable. Even though the story and the wording of this book wasn’t that great I thought that it is a book that is very important who fights for the privacy of their own.