Unit 1 Reflection

What did I learn: 

For Social studies unit 1, we have been building something called the KTW chart (Know Think Why), we started building these charts from the very beginning of the unit, we started to slowly add more information as the unit went on. Beside the KTW chats, we have been reading TCI text books. Understanding how they lived, and taking advantage of their resources. Also have been learning how geography influenced how Native Americans lived. 


My favorite part of the unit was the dancing section, even though we did not have a lot of time preparing it as we did last year in 7th grade, I had a lot of fun. During this small project I learned how some of the Native American tribes thought the world came to be, or certain animals. I also loved watching my classmates dancing their story they have been reading about.


This unit I got the Senecca Badge silver. I agree with Mr. Pierce, because my grades have been a bit on ME and a bit of AE. I also think that I could have done better with my grades and that I did not try my hardest. My work habits have also been inconstant and consistent, which I think I could work one. 

What Worked and What Didn’t: 

For this unit I think what worked was the the big paper we had to work on because it helped be study for the test since I got all the main points already on the paper it made it easy remember. Something that didn’t work was the way I studied, I tried studying and then take a break, but the break was longer than the studying which did not help, also I did not give myself enough time to study. 

Learning Goal:

My learning goal is to study at least a week early, so that I don’t have to stress last minute, and I would like to have a plan for what I am going to be studying each day.  Also I would like to put in more effort when I am reading my textbook, and really concentrate. 

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