Act 1 

Scene 1– Three witches are talking about when they should meet Macbeth

Scene 2-King Duncan rewards Macbeth with money and the title Thane of Cawdor. King Duncan rewards Macbeth after a man told King Duncan that Macbeth fought bravely

Scene 3-The three witches tell Macbeth that he will one day have the title Thane of Cawdor, after that he will have the title King of Scotland. At first Macbeth does not believe them, but after he got the title Thane of Cawdor he starts to believe them. The three witches also tell Banquo that his sons will be king.

Scene 4- The King meets up with Banquo and Macbeth and tells them how good they were at the battle. The King also appoints his eldest son Malcolm Prince of Cumberland to be his successor. Macbeth realise that he will not be king.

Scene 5- Lady Macbeth get a letter from Macbeth with the events that have happened and learned that Malcolm would be King Duncan’s successor. Lady macbeth is upset because she wants to be queen, she later learns that the king is coming to their castle and realise that when they come, it is the perfect opportunity to kill him.

Scene 6- King Duncan and his son comes to Macbeth’s castle and tells him how nice his castle really is. In reality, the castle is rotting.

Scene 7-Macbeth was debating with himself on whether he should kill King Duncan, and decided that he would not. Lady Macbeth found him talking to himself and realise that Macbeth wouldn’t do it, so she convinced him to kill the King, by making the people who guard his room drunk and stabbing them with a knife when they are asleep.

Act 2

Scene 1 -Macbeth starts to talk to himself, as he sees a dagger covered in blood. He is afraid to do it, but in the end when Lady Macbeth rings the bell, as a notice that the men are drunk and he should go now. Macbeth stops worrying and said that it makes the deed harder to do.

Scene 2-Macbeth kills King Duncan, he runs back to where Lady Macbeth is and starts to get lost in his thought thinking about what he has done. Lady Macbeth realise that Macbeth did not leave the sward with the guards and takes the sward from his hands and place it in the guards hand making it look like it is their fault.

Scene 3-Macduff and Lennox comes to castle late at night and talks with Macbeth about the unfortunate night they had. One of them goes to see King Duncan and sees that he is dead, Macbeth acts as if he has no idea as to what has happened. Malcolm and Duncan find out that their father has been killed and decided they should leave for they might be killed.

Scene 4- Macduff told Ross that he think it is Malcolm an Donalbain who has killed King Duncan for they had fled and have created suspicion. Macbeth is know the king since the king is dead and his sons have fled and are “guilty”

Act 3

Scene 1-On the day of Macbeths coronation, he asked his soldiers to kill Banquo because he has a suspicion that Banquo knows what he did. Macbeth also wants his successor to be his own son instead of Banquo. In the end, Macbeth asks his soldiers to kill Banquo and his son to be killed.

Scene 2– lady Macbeth  is in her room and asks her for her husband Macbeth. When Macbeth enters the room, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth start to feel guilty for what they had done saying they will not be able to sleep at night with terrible dreams. Macbeth seems to be embracing his dark side better than Lady Macbeth even though she was the one who suggest King Duncan should be killed.

Scene 3-As the two soldiers are waiting for Banquo and  Fleance, another one comes up to tell them that Macbeth has sent him to see that they kill Banquo. As Banquo and his son Fleaance approach they attack him, but his son Fleance has fled. The soldier who was there to foresee the two soldiers kill Banquo kill the two soldiers it was an order from Macbeth.

Scene 4– As Macbeth and lady Macbeth enter the room, the soldier enter with news. The soldier tells Macbeth that Banquo is dead but his son, Fleance ahas escaped. Macbeth is unhappy for a moment. As Macbeth is going back to the dining room, he sees Banquo’s ghost sitting on his chair and starts going crazy. Lady Macbeth makes an excuse saying he is just stressed he returns back to normal but as he is toasting he sees Banquo again and goes crazy once again.

Scene 5-Macbeth decides that he will go to the three witches and ask them about his future. One of the things they said to him to to be weary of Macduff the second thing they tell him is that he should not be afraid of man who was born from a woman, and the third they they said to him was that the forest was going to come towards the castle.

Scene 6-The soldiers where talking about how they think that Macbeth killed Duncan. Macbeth later finds them and asks them if they have seen the three witches they reply saying they haven not, they also tell Macbeth that Macduff has left and gone to England where Malcolm is gathering soldiers in England to take over the throne. Macbeth is going to kill Macduff’s family as revenge. Donalbain is also gathering soldiers.

Act 4 

Scene 1– Nothing

Scene 2– Lady Macduff told her son that his father has died, her son challenges her and tells her that he is not dead. During their conversation, a messenger rushes in and tells them that he heard that there are people coming to hurt them. Lady Mucduff hesitates for she did not do anything wrong. The men come and kills her son in front of her eyes saying her husband is a traitor and later kills her.

Scene 3– Macduff leaves England to go see Malcolm. One he is there Malcolm test him because he knows that Macduff has “brainwashed” the people. Macduff tells Malcolm that there would never be a king that is eviler than Macbeth. Malcolm then tells him that everything he said was lie and it was to test him. Macduff later gets a message that all his loved ones are dead and was killed by Macbeth’s men.

Act 5

Scene 1– One of the servants has seen her sleep walk and asked a doctor to come and look at her. Two nights in a row she has not sleep walked but on the third night she sleeps walks and admits to everything, killing King Duncan,  Banquo. The doctor does not dare to speak of it or he might not be safe.

Scene 2– The Scottish rebels are planning to over throw Macbeth, they know that he knows they are coming and is preparing his soldiers.

Scene 3– Macbeth is in his war room, and is very confident because of what the three witches have told him. He than asks the doctor how Lady Macbeth is doing, the doctor said that there is not cure for her sickness and that she will have to cure herself. Macbeth is not happy with his answer.

Scene 4– Malcolm and his troops are ready to attack, Malcolm asks his soldiers to but off branches  as a disguise.

 Scene 5– Macbeth hears a cry, and his bodyguard Seyton goes to see what the sound was, he comes back saying the queen Lady Macbeth is dead. Later on a messenger comes in and tells Macbeth that the woods are moving, Macbeth calls him a slave and hits him. Macbeth than says that he will die in battle

 Scene 6-Macduff and Malcolm throw down their cover, and attacks Macbeth.

 Scene 7– Macduff was thinking about what the three witches said about a man born of a woman, as he was thinking a soldier comes and challenges him to a fight. Macbeth agrees and easily defeats him.

Scene 8– Macbeth is sitting on his throne when Macduff comes in and challenges him to fight him. Macbeth tells Macduff that he is charmed and that a man born from a woman will to hurt him. Macduff then reviles that he was not born of a woman. Macduff kills him and Malcolm is then crowned king of Scotland.

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