Current Events: Occupy Hong Kong

Hong Kong protestors started their protest on September 28 2014. The thousand of protestors have been blocking main streets and sitting near the Government building wanting to have a forced discussion about Beijing influences on Hong Kong, the protest is also causing some banks and schools to close. As the protesters go on their second week, many of the locals are getting frustrated and getting violent with the protestors, since it is disrupting their life. Many of the small shops in Mong Kok have noticed that they are losing business and money. 

I think that Hong Kong protestors will not be getting what they want, due to the fact that Hong Kong protestors have been disturbing many peoples lives, causing business to lose money. Residents of Mong Kok have been getting frustrated and are getting violent with the protesters, and yelling at them. But the protestors reply with a song. This reminds me of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, when students wanted freedom. Chinese governments thought that they were going to tire out and quit, which they almost did. Then later on June 4th 1989 the Chinese troop fired at the citizens and had tanks roll over people, thousands of men died.

Some of the questions I still have is, what is the government going to do? Is the government going to try and “tire them out” and see if they would leave? But if it does take weeks to “tire them out”  won’t the economy be affected and  won’t people be losing jobs? To prevent this from happening, small shop owners could possibly get violent, does this mean that there would be more violence then intended and would china act upon it or help, or would they just leave it and let citizens fight against each other? I plan to ask my parents and do some research on my own for my questions. 

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