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Reading Comprehension-Tuff Time 19/3/15:

Are the Socs and Greasers really that different? Why? Why not?

I think that the Socs and Greasers are not that different, because they both had issues that they don’t want to talk about. Even Cherry said ” You Greasers have a different set of values. You’re more emotional. We’re sophisticated-cool to the point of not feeling anything” Since we are reading from the perspective of a Greaser we only know the real problems of a Greaser. We don’t know much about the Socs and since they don’t have any emotion, they must be hiding something, under that layer of coolness.

Are there an connections you can make to any of the characters and/or their situation?

I feel that I am sort of connected with Johnny, because in the book. He said that he feels alone all the time his parents don’t care about him and never acknowledge him. Sometimes I have those days when I feel that I am alone, but I really am not because I have friends who care about me and family. Those days when you feel alone sucks, and Jonny must feel that everyday. I sort of understand how he feels but I feel that his feelings of loneliness is at a deeper level.

Why do you think Johnny killed Bob? What could have been some alternatives?

I think that Johnny killed bob because there were going to beat him up also because Johnny is being held down by one of the the socs with his head in the water. I think that instead of killing bob, Johnny could have just hurt him, or call out for help. Because Sodapop and Darry might be around looking for Johnny and could have heard them.

What do think Ponyboy and Johnny’s situations prompted Ponyboy’s recitation of “Nothing Gold Can Stay?” 

I think that Ponyboy recited nothing gold can stay, because they were looking at a sunset which was beautiful, and that was the “gold” part of their day, and it was not going to stay forever. Eventually it will be dark. Everything good will go.

Who is innocent? who has experience?

I think that Johnny and Ponyboy are innocent because they never really hurt anyone or appeared at a scene of a crime, they also are the youngest of the gang, until recently when Jonny killed Bob. Dally is experienced because he seem to know where to hide and what to do when you are in trouble and what to do, he also has been through a lot and knows what to do.

What is the difference between cherry the Soc and Cherry the Dreamer?

Cherry the Soc is when she cares about who she is seen with, because at one point in the story she tells Ponyboy that if he sees her and she does not wave or greet him that it is nothing personal. She said this because Socs can not be seen with Greasers, also she is dating someone who is pretty important in the Soc (one of the leaders) and Soc and Greasers have a long history of hating each other and hurting each other. Dreamer Cherry, is someone who does not care who she is seen with and loves to watch the sunset. Instead of the Cherry that cares about who her friends are and her social ranking.

Are Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally heroes? Why? Why not? 

I think that Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally, are heroes, because they saved kids lives, and they didn’t have to they could have just left and gone back and forget about what happened. Instead they decided to go into the church and save those kids, they also knew that they could be hurt in the process. They are not heroes just because they saved those kids, but because they also help save each other.

How do we know Darry does truly care for Ponyboy?

Darry truly cares for Ponyboy, you can tell because Darry even though he is mean to him. He only does it because he cares and wants Ponyboy to learn to think for himself so he won’t get into trouble when they are not around. I also think that since Darry is the oldest, he thinks that it is his responsibility to look after the youngest after his mom and dad passes away. “Suddenly I realised, horrified, that Darry was crying. He didn’t make a sound , but tears were running down his cheeks. I hadn’t seen him cry in years, not even when mom and dad had been killed”

Write about what you understand about Cherry’s line in the book that we marked about her loving Dallas Winston “I could fall in Love with Dallas Winston,” she said. “I hope I never see him again, or I will.” (pg. 37)

I think that Cherry

In realising what Cherry had green eyes what is the signify for Ponyboy and his understanding of people and the world? 

Reading Comprehension Assessment

Wonder Words Wall

Interminable: Having or seeming to have no end

Iridescence: The quality of exhibiting rainbow like colors, brilliant appearance

Lament: To mourn

Malevolence: Ill will or evil intensions

Obtuse: Stupid

tacit: understood, silent, not spoken, implicit

vexation: discomfort or distress

Abyss: Bottomless hole, vast expanse or depth

Corpulence: State of being very fat

Bastion: A fortification, a stronghold

Blunder: To make a mistake as a result of stupidity or carelessness

Credulous: gullible

Discursive: Rambling, moving from one topic to another randomly

Disinclination: A desire to avoid

Demur: To hesitate

Beguile: To deceive

Confound: To cause one to become confused

Contentious: Quarrelsome

Blasphemous: Profane

Precarious: Likely to fall or collapse

Apocryphal story: Biblical book Slander: The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

Asperger’s Syndrome :  delays in the development of many basic skills, most notably the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination.