Reflection 2

Our class hass gone through last week working on numerous things. For example, our SINK AND FLOAT  lab. we had recored our data on google drive while doing our lab questions as a group. We had came through a lot teamwork and cooperation this week. As a group, me Carlos, Joey,  had all managed to work as a team doing math and science together. We also had one formative test on density to check on our understanding. For LA/SS we had two new pages for our notebook, determining the different forms of writing, for example fist person and third person thoughts. What most satisfies me is the lab. While testing numerous objects we had also learned how to determine how to tell if a object floats or sinks without noticing the density of the object.

One thought on “Reflection 2

  1. Sue B says:

    Can you tell me about any learning that you did…not just a list of what you learned, but what do you specifically remember about the learning? Examples, etc…
    Ms. B

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